The Week Ahead: February 21 – February 27

The Week Ahead: February 21 – February 27 2011

For more information on upcoming (and historical) movies, TV shows, books, conventions, paranormal happenings, and pretty much anything that interests me, see the ever-growing Measured Circle Pop Culture Timeline.


Drive Angry

Okay, here’s the pitch: “It’s Ghost Rider…on twice as many wheels…in 3D!”  😉  Nicolas Cage plays a father who breaks out of H*ll to rescue his grandchild from being sacrificed by a cult.

Director Patrick Lussier does know horror, but doesn’t have a blockbuster history:

  • My Bloody Valentine (2009): dogro $51m
  • The Eye (the Jessica Alba version) (2008): $31m
  • Red Eye (2005) $57m
  • Cursed (2005); $19m

Does having Nicolas Cage improve the box office?

Not really, recently.

3D helps, though…costs more to see it.

I think this could break $40m, but I don’t see it getting to $80m.  It could be beaten this weekend by the comedy Hall Pass, and is likely to get crushed the following weekend by Johnny Depp in Rango, Beastly, The Adjustment Bureau…and the next weekend also looks big for the potential audience for this (Red Riding Hood, Battle: Los Angeles). 

I’m going to go with under $40m.

New TV

  • Adventure Time at 8:00 PM on Cartoon Network (Monday)
  • Chuck at 8:00 PM on NBC (Monday)
  • House at 8:00 PM on Fox (Monday)
  • World’s Deadliest Towns (Killer Elephants) at 8:00 PM on Animal Planet (Monday)
  • Mad (So You Think You Can Teach Your Dragon to Dance; Yo Gagga Gagga) at 8:15 PM on Cartoon Network
  • Regular Show at 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network (Monday)
  • Being Human at 9:00 PM on Syfy (Monday)
  • Cake Boss at 9:00 PM on TLC (Monday)
  • The Cape at 9:00 PM on NBC (Monday)
  • World’s Deadliest Towns at 9:00 PM on Animal Planet (Monday)
  • Castle (Adrian Pasdar guests: Rob Bowman directs this two party) at 10:00 PM on ABC (Monday)
  • Shatner’s Raw Nerve (Kevin Pollak…think he’ll do his Captain Kirk impression?) at 10:00 PM on Bio (Monday)
  • World’s Deadliest Towns (tigers) at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet (Monday)
  • Shatner’s Raw Nerve (Carl Reiner) at 10:30 PM on Bio (Monday)
  • Glee at 8:00 PM on Fox (Tuesday)
  • Jump City (parkour competition show) at 8:00 PM on G4 (Tuesday)
  • No Ordinary Family at 8:00 PM on ABC (Tuesday)
  • V at 9:00 PM on ABC (Tuesday)
  • Tosh.0 at 10:00 PM on Comedy Central (Tuesday)
  • American Idol at 8:00 PM on Fox (Wednesday)
  • Nova: Science Now: What’s the Next Big Thing? (one of them is social robots) at 8:00 PM on PBS (Wednesday)
  • America’s Next Top Model (16th season debut) at 8:00 PM on the CW (Wednesday)
  • Survivor at 8:00 PM on CBS (Wednesday)
  • Ghost Hunters (7th season debut) at 9:00 PM on Syfy (Wednesday)
  • Face Off at 10:00 PM on Syfy (Wednesday)
  • Being Erica at 11:00 PM on Soapnet (Wednesday)
  • American Idol (top 20 are announced) at 8:00 PM on Fox (Thursday)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Levar Burton guests) at 8:00 PM on CBS (Thursday)
  • Vampire Diaries at 8:00 PM on the CW (Thursday)
  • Nikita at 9:00 PM on the CW (Thursday)
  • Archer at 10:00 PM on FX (Thursday)
  • The Mentalist at 10:00 PM on CBS (Thursday)
  • Eagleheart at 11:59 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (Thursday)
  • Smallville at 8:00 PM on the CW (Friday)
  • Fish Hooks at 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network (Friday)
  • Fringe at 9:00 PM on Fox (Friday)
  • Supernatural at 9:00 PM on the CW (Friday)
  • Merlin at 10:00 PM on Syfy (Friday)
  • Onion News Network at 10:00 PM on IFC (Friday)
  • Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (season finale) at 10:00 PM on Starz(Friday)
  • Camelot (series debut: the King Arthur story 10-part miniseries with Joseph Fiennes as Merlin and Eva Green as Morgana)  at 11:00 PM on Starz (Friday)
  • Area 51 (Jason Connery directs Bruce Boxleitner) at 9:00 PM on Syfy (Saturday)
  • Being Human (original British version) at 9:00 PM on BBC America (Saturday)
  • Oscar Red Carpet at 7:00 PM on ABC (Sunday)
  • The Amazing Race at 8:00 PM on CBS (Sunday)
  • The Oscars at 8:30 PM on ABC (Sunday)
  • Robot Chicken at 11:45 PM on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (Sunday)

Presidents’ Day TV marathons

It’s a bit to me that TV marathons are even still a thing, since you can watch marathons whenever you want using streaming Netflix (yes, many people do that on a TV), but they still are.  Still, one of the biggest tweaks I’d want for Netflix is the ability to tell it to “play all episodes”.  It’s awkward having to select each one.  I’m going to count more than two episodes in a row, but this may not be comprehensive.

  • American Chopper on the Discovery Channel (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • Gold Rush: Alaska on the Discovery Channel (starting at 1:00 PM)
  • Supernatural on TNT (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • NCIS on USA (starting at 6:00 AM)
  • Teen Mom 2 (starting at 11:00 AM)
  • My Super Sweet Sixteen (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • Basketball Wives on VH1 (starting at 1:00 PM)
  • Top Chef on Bravo (starting at 6:00 AM)
  • Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on Bravo (starting at 4:00 PM)
  • DC Cupcakes on TLC (starting at 6:00 AM)
  • Fabulous Cakes on TLC (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • Cake Boss on TLC (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • Operation Wild on Animal Planet (starting at 1:00 PM)
  • World’s Deadliest Towns on Animal Planet (starting at 8:00 PM)
  • Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (starting at 1:00 PM)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • iCarly on Nickelodeon (starting at 5:00 PM)
  • American Greed on CNBC (starting at 11:00 AM)
  • A variety of programming on US Presidents on the History Channel (starting at 8:00 AM)
  • Kourtney and Kim Take New York on E (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • Sex and the City on E (starting at 5:00 PM)
  • Most Daring on TruTV (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • Hot Pursuit on TruTV (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • Cash and Cari on HGTV (starting at 2:00 PM)
  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Channel (starting at 11:00 AM)
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Cannel (starting at 4:00 PM)
  • The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen (starting at 6:00 AM)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on CMTV (starting at 12:00 PM)
  • Deadliest Journeys on Current (starting at 10:00 AM)
  • American History TV on CSPAN 2 (starting Sunday?)
  • G.I. Joe Renegades on Hub (starting at 12:00 PM)
  • Family Game Night on Hub (starting at 3:00 PM)
  • The Fairly OddParents on NickToon (starting at 7:30 AM)
  • MTV Jams on MTV (starting on Sunday?)
  • Martin on MTV2 (staring at 9:00 AM)
  • Jersey Shore on MTV2 (starting at 12:00 PM)
  • My Life is a Zoo on National Geographic Wild (starting at 5:00 AM)
  • Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Wild (starting at 10:00 AM)
  • Blue Collar Dogs on National Geographic Wild (starting at 5:00 PM)
  • The Tudors on BBC America (starting at 11:00 AM)
  • Top Gear on BBC America (starting at 5:00 PM)
  • Clean House on Style (starting at 3:00 AM)
  • UFOS Over Earth on Green (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • Sweat Equity on DIY (starting at 11:00 AM)
  • True Jackson, VP on TeenNICK (starting at 5:00 AM)
  • Dr. G Medical Examiner on DFH (starting at 9:00 AM)
  • Disappeared on ID (starting at 6:00 AM)
  • Sister, Sister on CTRC (starting at 5:00 AM)
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on GMC (starting at 7:00 AM)
  • Murder, She Wrote on Hallmark (starting at 5:00 AM)
  • Downsized on WE (starting at 7:00 AM)


Cons are short for “conventions”, when people who rarely leave the house get together…just kidding, of course, they can be great fun.  For details, I recommend Fanboy’s Convention List.

  • Con-Dor 18, science fiction and fantasy (guests include authors Gregory Benford, David Brin, Larry Niven, and Vernor Vinge), San Diego
  • MystiCon, guests include David Gerrold and Brinke Stevens, Roanoke, VA

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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