Pete Postlethwaite reported dead

Pete Postlethwaite reported dead

Thirty-five years on screen, and Pete Postelthwaite had one of his most biggest years in 2010.  He is #19 on our list of the 2010 Box Office MVPs.  It’s possible he’ll see a Supporting Actor nomination for his work as “Fergie” in The Town, he played Spyros in Clash of the Titans, and his character’s death sets the events in motion in Inception.

He’d been nominated for an Oscar in In the Name of the Father, and for a Saturn (an important geek movie award) for his work as the leader of the team in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Throughout his career, he appeared in many geek-friendly works: Alien3, DragonHeart, The Omen remake, and more…in addition to mainstream works including Amistad.

Potelthwaite was 64 and had cancer.

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Streaming Netflix recommendations:

  • The Age of Stupid (Postlethwaite is an archivist in 2055 looking at what went wrong with the world)
  • Rat (Postlethwaite plays a man who turns into a rat)
  • Crimetime (Postlethwaite is a murderer who is inspired to up his activities when a TV show based on him becomes a hit)

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.

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