Flash! George Lucas isn’t buying up dead celeb rights

Flash! George Lucas isn’t buying up dead celeb rights

There was a report in The Sun

Lucas to put dead actors in a movie

that created a bit of a blog flap.

Their source?

Comedian Mel Smith, of Not the Nine O’Clock News.

That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have something real to impart, but it’s a little like taking Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update or The Onion at face value.

The story spread widely and quickly, with some negative reactions to the idea.

This seems inevitable to me.  Dead actors show up in cartoon animated form…why shouldn’t the technology simply advance to realistic CGI?  I doubt one company would buy up the rights to a given celebrity, though.  I would think they’ll be licensed for each movie (or maybe a movie series), the same way living actors are contracted.

I fully expect that we’ll see, say, Humphrey Bogart and an age-regressed Harrison Ford in the same movie.  If that Three Stooges movie gets stretched out another five years or so, it could perhaps be made with the original stooges.  The Stooges would be particularly good for this…there is so much footage of them, computer analysis would be relatively easy.

You can already green screen yourself into famous movies with the Yoostar home device.  The time will come when you can act something out and have, say, Bruce Lee be you on screen. 

It’s not happening this time

On The Red Carpet article

but it’s just a matter of time.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle. 


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