You think today is boring? Try April 11 1954

You think today is boring? Try April 11 1954

You know, I’ve always said it’s one of the biggest advantages of being a geek…a low threshold of amusement.  🙂

We’ll watch movies that even we think are bad…over and over again.  We’ll spend hours arguing about some irrelevant point of non-existent technology.  We honor somebody who had a walk-on role in a TV series…decades ago. 

And all the time, we’re really enjoying ourselves.  😉

So, I felt challenged when a

news story

reported that the

True Knowledge

search engine had declared April 11, 1954 the “most boring day ever”.

I figured, hey, they just don’t aren’t asking the right questions.

So, I started looking on the geeky side.

I looked for movies (1954 was a great movie year)…hm, nope. 

I checked TV shows…there was a crossover episode of Jack Benny with Burns and Allen.  I like Jack Benny and George Burns…but I can’t exactly call them exciting.

I checked birthdates, deathdates, UFO sightings.  I tried to check comic book releases.

Honestly, I didn’t find much.

I didn’t dig all that long, but still…that’s unusual.

This is clearly intended to promote the website, so I looked more into it.  It’s supposed to be able to answer trillions of questions.  It doesn’t give you links, it gives you the information, which is nice. 

However, it failed questions I asked it time and again.

“Norman Corwin Presents”?  No reference.

“Mothman”?  Just gave me a link.

“Herbie Popnecker”?  No answer.

Kindle?  No answer!

Is the information you do find accurate?

Um…I’d have to say no.

Tim Curry’s occupation is shown as a “film composer, opera singer”.   It only lists two albums for him.

It also has some very quirky ways of saying things.  A birthday is both that and the “Anniversary of Creation”.

What happens if it doesn’t answer your question?

It asks you to answer it!

That makes it very easy to manipulate, unless they have some sort of review process.

If you’ve been using the site, let me know what your experience has been.  If you’d like me to find interesting things about your birthdate, let me know.  🙂  If you were born April 11, 1954…tell us about exciting, world-changing things you’ve done.

It always surprised me what becomes a big story.  This one has a clever angle, and I commend the website on their promotional strategy.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle. 

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