My friendly Black Friday (really)

My friendly Black Friday (really)

It’s a family tradition that we go shopping on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

In this earlier post, I gave you some tips for getting the best out of it.  I thought it was only fair that I check back with you on how it went with us today.

We set the alarms for 3:30, but both of us beat them by a few minutes.  The pets were quite confused to be fed that early…but willing to make the sacrifice.  😉

We got to our first store, JC Penney’s, at 4:00 (which was when it opened).  We picked up the annual snow globe/ornament.  That’s a family tradition, too..this is the only day of the year my offspring gets homesick.  😉

We shopped JCP and Macys.  Everything went fine at JCP…funny, good-natured, and efficient salesclerk.  Macys…well, I didn’t see it, but my offspring said one of the clerks was…um…not used to doing this.

Next was Target, and that’s where we had a lot of fun.  It happened to be that, just as we were going into the store, they were bringing in a couple of carts.  We got one…we are mainly in Target to buy toys for Toys for Tots.  We like to do that…on Black Friday, it gives you a chance to buy the mainstream toys that the kids who benefit from Toys for Tots might not get otherwise.

We checked out the line…it was very long.

So, we followed one of the pieces of advice I gave you: I got into line with the cart.  My Significant Other went off to the toy department.  Well, a young couple came up behind me…arms full of presents. 

I offered to let them use my cart.  We got to chatting…had a very nice time.  When my Significant Other (SO) came back, we just put our presents in the bottom of the cart.  My SO carried a package for another person, and we all had a lovely time.

We learned about the kids, and a trip to Disneyland, and the changing tastes of a ten-year old.

Target did a great job with the line, by the way.  We were really supported by a large staff…with ping pong paddles.  It was sort of like being waved around by the tarmac crew at the airport.  😉 

After that, we went home and unloaded.  I also had to inject the diabetic dog with insulin, and there’s a bit of time pressure with that.

We did try a new restaurant in town for breakfast…okay, that didn’t work out well.  🙂  The place was freezing, the food wasn’t good.  Our waiter was friendly and efficient.

Over to Kohl’s…which appeared to be handling the line poorly.  People were upset in it, and clearly waiting a long time.  The up escalator wasn’t working.  We decided it wasn’t worth getting anything there…the line looked like it would take an hour.

I did see a clerk do a very nice thing.  One shopper was clearly upset, speaking loudly to a relative on a cellphone.  The clerk came over, nothing accusatory, and just asked if there was anything that the clerk could do to help.  The clerk started helping the shopper rearrange purchases…that made everything better, even for the other shoppers.

We were back home easily by 9…in plenty of time for online bargains.  🙂

All in all, a pleasant day.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle. 

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