Flash! Amazon becomes a movie developer

Flash! Amazon becomes a movie developer

“All your media are belong to us!”

Amazon has been a publisher and distributor of books for some time, through its own imprints and its Digital Text Platform.  The latter is used by independents to publish books for the Kindle.  Want to do paperbooks?  Amazon does that, too.

Now, with this

press release

Amazon moves into the movie development business.

You can submit scripts and full-length “test movies”.  They are going to award 2.7 million dollars for the best ones submitted by the end of 2011.   That may not sound like much if you are in the biz, but $100,000 for the best script is going to sound pretty good to an unproduced screenwriter.

Amazon has a “first look” deal with Warner Brothers.  That means WB gets to see the winner, and if they want to buy it, they can.

Movie audiences will get to see the test movies…and the scripts and to provide feedback.

There are even more rewards…if they make your movie into a commercial movie and it makes $60 million dollars, the original filmmaker or screenwriter gets a $400,000 bonus!

I don’t know if this is going to end up filling the movieplexes, but it’s a fantastic opportunity.

For more information, go here:


Moviemakers, start your creative engines!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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