Hollywood Star Whackers

Hollwyood Star Whackers

Oh, Randy Quaid

You’ve always been memorable in the movies, but lately, your real life has been making more headlines. 

There’s been a chain of events leading to the latest situation.  The Quaids (Randy and Evi) were charged with vandalism, and there was a thing about them living in a house with…a disputed right to do that.  They now missed a hearing in the US (apparently they’ve said they thought the warrants were a mistake), and were arrested in Vancouver.

They say they weren’t avoiding the hearing or the warrants and were in Canada partially for Randy to get an award.

Okay so far, right?

The Quaids have asked for asylum from Canada because their lives are in danger in the USA.  They said they are concerned because eight friend of Randy’s have been mysteriously murdered…and apparently, that included Heath Ledger (Randy worked with Heath in Brokeback Mountain) and David Carradine (they worked together in the Long Riders and Bound for Glory).

Both star deaths generated a lot of speculation, both about suicide and foul play.

According to this

AP report

Brian Tsuji, the Quaids lawyer, read a one line statement to the media:

“We are requesting asylum from Hollywood star whackers.”

For those of you still looking a Halloween costume, may I suggest a t-shirt that reads, “Hollywood Star Whacker”?

I obviously don’t know if there are Hollywood Star Whackers or not…and it would be an amazing story either way.  Unless this is all just JoaPhoe (I’m coining that right now…pronounced “Hwafee”, and meaning an elaborate hoax a la Joaquin Phoenix), it’s going to make a remarkable movie at some point.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.

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