Halloween TV 2010

Halloween TV 2010

Love Halloween?  Love TV?  Here’s a list for you!

It’s incomplete, but I’ll probably add to it later…enjoy!

Saturday, October 23

4:00 AM, Disney, Charlie & Lola (Halloween)
6:30 AM, TVLand, Roseanne (Satan, Darling)
7:00 AM, ABC Family, Casper Meets Wendy
7:00 AM, BBC America, Doctor Who (The Time of Angels…this is a creepy one)
7:00 AM, The Food Network, 30-Minute Melas (Grown-up Halloween)
8:00 AM, BBC America, Doctor Who (Flesh and Stone…part 2 of Time of Angels)
8:00 AM, the History Channel, H*ll: the Devil’s Domain
9:00 AM, ABC Family, Teen Witch
9:00 AM, Syfy, Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent
9:30 AM, AMC, The Three Stooges (Spooks)
10:00 AM, BIO, The Unexplained (Reincarnation)
10:00 AM, AMC, Frankenstein
10:00 AM, AMC, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (“It’s a Wonderful Scoob”)
10:00 AM, FX, Lost Souls
10:00 AM, WE, Ghost Whisperer (Friendly Neighborhood Ghost)
10:30 AM, Syfy, Open Graves
11:00 AM, ABC Family, The Little Vampire
11:00 AM, BIO, The Unexplained (Moon Madness)
11:45 AM, AMC, Dracula
12:00 PM, BIO, Psychic Investigators (“Taken By Storm”)
12:00 PM, WE, Ghost Whisperer (“Melinda’s First Ghost”)
12:30 PM, BIO, Psychic Investigators (“Family Ties”)
12:30 PM, Syfy, Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
1:00 PM, BIO, Unexplained Mysteries (“Miracles on Earth”)
1:00 PM, Food Network, Giada at Home (Halloween)
1:00 PM, WE, Ghost Whisperer (“Dead Man’s Ridge”)
1:30 PM, the Disney Channel, Sonny with a Chance (A So Random Halloween)
1:30 PM, AMC, Tremors
2:00 PM, Discovery, Ghost Lab
2:00 PM, The Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures
2:30 PM, Syfy, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
3:00 PM, Discovery, Ghost Lab
3:00 PM, The Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures
3:30 PM, AMC, Deep Blue Sea
5:00 PM, Cartoon Network, Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular
7:00 PM, Nickelodeon, iCarly (iScream on Halloween)
10:00 PM, Food Network, Unwrapped (Halloween Sweets)

Sunday, October 24

6:30 AM, Nick Jr, Ni Hao (Halloween)
7:00 AM, Food Network, A Semi-Homemade Halloween with Sandra Lee
8:00 AM, Nick Jr, Yo Gabba Gabba (Halloween)
8:30 AM, Nick Jr, Max & Ruby (Halloween)
10:00 AM, Food Network, Barefoot Contessa
10:30 AM the Cartoon Network, Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King
10:30 AM, Nick Jr, Little Bill
12:30 PM, Go, Diego, Go! (Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!)
1:00 PM, Nick Jr, Franklin (Halloween)
2:00 PM, Cartoon Network, Scary Godmother (Halloween)
2:00 PM, the Food Network, Halloween Sweets Unwrapped
3:00 PM, Cartoon Network, The Witches
3:00 PM, The Hub, Little Monsters
3:00 PM, Nick Jr, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
3:45 PM, AMC, Return to House on Haunted Hill
4:00 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (The Soul Collector)
4:00 PM, BIO, Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy Part 1
4:00 PM, The Travel Chanel, Ghost Adventures (Stanley Hotel)
4:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Desperate Households)
4:00 PM, The Travel Chanel, Ghost Adventures (Pennhurst State School and Hospital)
5:00 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Freshman Fear)
5:00 PM, Cartoon Network, The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It
5:00 PM, Syfy, The Grudge 3
5:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Paranormal Intervention)
5:30 PM, AMC, Constantine
5:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (The Firehouse)
6:00 PM, ABC Family, Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride
6:00 PM, BIO, Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy Part 2
6:00 PM, Lifetime Movie Network, Within
6:00 PM, USA, Over Her Dead Body
6:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (The Lady in White)
7:00 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Death Room)
7:00 PM, Cartoon Network, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins
7:00 PM, FX, Shutter
7:00 PM, Nickelodeon, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
7:00 PM, Syfy, Identity
7:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (They Only Come Out at Night)
8:00 PM, ABC Family, The Spiderwick Chronicles
8:00 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Devil’s Nest)
8:00 PM, AMC, 28 Days Later
8:00 PM, The Learning Channel, The Bermuda Triangle
8:00 PM, The Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures (Return to Bobby Mackey’s: Wilder, KY)
8:15 PM, IFC, Pan’s Labyrinth
9:00 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Enslaved)
9:00 PM, FX, Cloverfield
9:00 PM, the Disney Channel, Halloweentown
9:00 PM, The Learning Channel, Return to the Bermuda Triangle
9:00 PM, Syfy, The Reaping
9:00 PM, The Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures (Waverly Hills Sanatorium)
9:30 PM, A&E, Paranormal State (Ghost on the Tracks)
9:00 PM, HGTV, Halloween Block Party 2010
10:00 PM, A&E, Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal (Psychic Kids Investigates the Lost Girl)
10:00 PM, Lifetime Movie Network, The Haunting of Sorority Row
10:00 PM, A&E, Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal (Vanished)
11:00 PM, USA, Over Her Dead Body

Monday, October 25

4:30 AM, the Disney Channel, Little Einsteins (Halloween)
8:30 AM, the Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Halloween)
9:00 AM, ABC, Live with Regis and Kelly (Halloween Week begins)
9:30 AM, the Disney Channel, Handy Manny
10:00 AM, The Martha Stewart Show (Halloween Makeup Ideas)
10:00 AM the Food Network, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller (Frightful Delights)
11:00 AM, USA, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Masquerade…Halloween)
1:00 PM, the Disney Channel, Imagination Movers
5:30 PM, Caroon Network, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Billy and Mandy’s Jacked-Up Halloween)
6:00 PM, Cartoon Network, A Scooby-Doo Halloween
7:30 PM, Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants (Halloween)
8:00 PM, NBC, NBC, Chuck (Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror)
8:00 PM, AMC, Halloween (1978)
9:00 PM, BIO, Halloween: The Inside Story
9:00 PM, Fox, Raising Hope (Happy Halloween)
9:00 PM, Spike, Halloween (2007)
9:30 PM, Comedy Central, South Park (H*ll on Earth 2006)
10:00 PM, AMC, Halloween II
11:30 PM, FX, Halloween Resurrection

Tuesday, October 26

12:00 AM, IFC, Dead Set (start of a miniseries with zombies attacking the British Big Brother house…gee, I wonder if there will be a “Decapitated Head of Household” competition? 😉 )
2:30 AM, WPIX, George Lopez (Halloween Cheer)
12:00 PM, the Hallmark Channel, Whatever With Alexis & Jennifer (Halloween)
8:00 PM, AMC, Halloween III: Season of the Witch
8:00 PM, CBS, NCIS (Halloween)
8:00 PM, Fox, Glee (The Rocky Horror Glee Show…might not be exactly Halloween, but…)
8:00 PM, History Channel, The Real Story of Halloween
8:00 PM, The Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Halloween Special)
8:30 PM, TBS, The Office (Halloween)
10:15 PM, AMC, Halloween 4

Wednesday, October 27

12:00 AM, IFC, Dead Set
2:51 AM, TVLand, Home Improvement (Bewitched)
8:00 AM, ABC Family, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (A Halloween Story)
10:00 AM, the Hallmark Channel, Tricking and Treating with Martha Stewart
8:00 PM, ABC, The Middle (Halloween)
8:30 PM, ABC, Better With You
9:00 PM, ABC, Modern Family (Halloween)
9:00 PM, CBS, Criminal Minds (Devil’s Night)
9:31 PM, ABC, Cougar Town (Halloween)
Thursday, October 28

12:00 AM, IFC, Dead Set
5:30 AM, NickToon, Rugrats (Curse of the Werewuff)
1:00 PM, NGC, Halloween Unmasked
2:30 PM, Hub, Tutenstein
8:00 PM, ABC, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
8:00 PM, NBC, Scared Shrekless
8:30 PM, the Food Network, Good Eats (All Hallows Eats)
8:30 PM, DXD, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (Halloween)
8:30 PM, NBC, Community (Halloween)
9:30 PM, NBC, Outsourced (Bolloween)
10:00 PM, FX, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10:30 PM, FX, The League (Ghost Monkey)

Friday, October 29

12:00 AM, IFC, Dead Set
8:00 AM, DIY, Witch Crafts (Halloween Spirits)
9:00 AM, ABC Family, What I Like About You (Halloween)
9:00 AM, Lifetime, Frasier (Halloween)
10:00 AM, CBS, Let’s Make a Deal (Halloween)
10:00 AM, The Learning Channel, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant
10:30 AM, BIO, Psychic Investigators (Halloween Homicide)
11:00 AM, ABC, The View (Halloween)
11:00 AM, CBS, The Price Is Right (Halloween)
1:00 PM, the History Channel, Modern Marvels (Halloween Tech)
1:30 PM, ABC Family, 8 Simple
2:00 PM, Food Network, A Semi-Homemade Halloween with Sandra Lee
4:00 PM, FX, Halloween 6
4:00 PM, WPIX, The Tyra Show (Halloween)
4:00 PM, Syndicated, The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Halloween)
6:00 PM, E, The Girls Next Door (Scream Test)
9:00 PM, FX, Halloween H20
8:30 PM,Lifetime, Reba (Best Li’l Haunted House in Texas)
10:30 PM, Nickelodeon, Glenn Martin, DDS
(Halloween Hangover)

Saturday, October 30

12:00 AM, IFC, Dead Set
12:00 AM, VH1 Classsic, Classic in Concert (KISS on Halloween 1998)
11:30 AM, the Hub, Atomic Betty (Halloween)
1:00 PM, Disney Channel, Wizards of Waverly Place (Halloween)
4:30 PM, Hub, Truth or Scare
6:00 PM, Speed, Trackside Special Edition
8:00 PM, ABC Family, Hocus Pocus
9:00 PM, the Food Network, Challenge (Haunted  Gingerbread Houses)
10:45 PM, CMTV, Ernest Scared Stupid
11:30 PM, Boomerang, The Batman (Grundy’s Night)

Sunday, October 31

2:25 AM, the Disney Channel, Under Wraps
2:30 AM Nickelodeon, Family Matters (Dog Day Halloween)
2:30 AM, TVLand, Roseanne (Halloween IV)
8:15 AM, TMC, The Walking Dead (1936 movie)
9:00 AM, the Hub, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (Trick or Treat)
9:00 AM the Travel Channel, America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions
10:00 AM, the Travel Channel, America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions 2
11:00 AM, America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions 3
2:00 PM, the Travel Channel, Halloween’s Most Extreme
7:00 PM, DIY, Halloween Fright House: Secrets Revealed
7:00 PM, Hallmark, The Addams Family
7:00 PM, WPIX, Halloween Parade 2010
8:00 PM, ABC, Desperate Housewives (Excited and Scared)
9:30 PM, TVLand, M*A*S*H (Trick or Treatment)
10:00 PM, AMC, The Walking Dead (series debut)
10:00 PM, TVLand, Everybody Loves Raymond (Halloween Candy)

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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  1. 4plus1equalsmoo Says:

    Sweet, okay a couple of days too late in finding this 🙂 There’s always next year!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing!

      I do highlight TV shows every week, but I’ll probably do something like this again next year. Glad you enjoyed it!

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