Flash! Hulu Plus coming to Roku

Flash! Hulu Plus coming to Roku

For some people, Hulu is their only source of TV. 

They’ve been trying to find a good way to monetize that since it started.

Well, now they have Hulu Plus

In a sense, it’s like streaming Netflix.  You pay $9.99 a month, and have access to lots of TV shows.  What makes that different from Netflix?  Well, Netflix also has movies…lots of movies.  That’s a plus for them.  Netflix is also a dollar cheaper.

However, and here’s the big plus for Hulu, Netflix doesn’t have current seasons of popular shows.  You can get “Current Season Tickets” (like Tivo’s season pass) for shows like Glee, Modern Family, and so on.  It also has older shows, like Nanny and the Professor and Adam-12.  So does Netflix (although it doesn’t have Nanny and the Professor).

That’s a tough call…will people pay $9.99 for the current shows they can Tivo for free?  I think some people certainly will…it’s cheaper than cable.   Netflix works better for me…although it doesn’t have to be one or the other.  Getting my Roku combined with Netflix meant we dropped our premium cable channels.  However, I’ve looked at the shows for which they have season tickets…and it doesn’t have most of the shows we watch.  We’re not real big watchers of the Big 4 networks…we do a lot more of the specialty cable channels.  They don’t have any of those.  I’m not going to drop basic cable and not get Archer!  😉

How do you get the shows on your TV?  That’s where the Roku comes in, which I strongly recommend.  I enjoy mine very much.  It’s very simple to set up, very simple to use, and the picture looks good.  You can now get a Roku for as low as $59.99. 

I’d love it if they’d give us regular Hulu on Roku, but no sign of that yet.

We’ll see if Google TV and internet-ready TVs make much of a difference in the next couple of years.  They might, but I do like the simplicity of the Roku with existing TVs.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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