Sunday, Sept. 19 2010: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sunday, Sept. 19 2010: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

 “Avast, me hearties!  Be ye on the lookout for a bit o’ fun this Sunday?  It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!”


In case you think this was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, it actually goes back to 1995.  I became aware of it many years ago..and I’m sure it fell on a more typical workday (which made client phone call protocol difficult for some, I’m sure.  😉

This is the official site:

 They have a lot of fun information, including a map of TLAPD celebrations…no, it doesn’t have an x for each one.  😉  It does, though, show that it is truly international.  They even have information for talking about pirates in the classroom.  One of my favorite things is the

Pirate Translator

It’s not perfect, of course…no online translation is (although they are getting better).  I didn’t use it to write the beginning of the article: I wanted to go a bit further than it would.  😉  Oh, and they do address the fact that pirate talk is different in different languages elsewhere on the site.

Ever wonder where all this pirate talk comes from?  Well, if you’ve ever said, “Arrr!” when being a pirate, you are doing a Robert Newton impression.

Robert Newton played Long John Silver in the 1950 version of Treasure Island.  He appears to have defined our modern concept of pirates…including “Arrr!”  He went on to play pirates again…including doing a Long John Silver TV series.

Naturally, we can’t be forgettin’…sorry, we can’t forget the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (which will get a fourth movie on May 20th, 2011).   If you talk about “parlay” or use “savvy” to mean, “Do you understand?” in your pirate growl (or slurry mumble), you can probably thank PotC. 

So, if ye not be talkin’ like a pirate tomorrow, ye can count on walkin’ the plank!  Or, um, not…totally up to you, actually.  Your call.  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle


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