Three Inches…the latest not so super supers

Three Inches…the latest not so super supers

There is a sub-genre of superhero entertainment.  The basic premise is this: what if you were super, but it didn’t really help you all that much.

You know, like Aquaman.  😉

Just kidding, the Atlantean gets a bad rap…I always loved that “concentric circles talking to a dolphin” thing.

No, you have a super-power…you can shrink to eleven inches tall (“El” Lincoln on Misfits of Science), or you can make plants grow quickly (the Chlorophyll Kid of the Legion of Substitute Heroes), or you can fly…just really really slowly (“The Blimp” of the Inferior Five). 

At this point, you are either saying, “I loved that!” or “I’ve never heard of that.” or possibly both.

That’s key, I think, about Syfy’s new attempt, Three Inches.  These “we’re better than you but we still suck” characters may inspire cult followings, but they don’t tend to be long-lasting.  Mr. Terrific, Captain Nice…one season.  Yes, The Greatest American Hero lasted three seasons, but that’s largely been the exception.

Three Inches does have a great cast: James Marsters (Spike on Buffy), Naoko Mori (Tosh on Torchwood), Andrea Martin (SCTV), to name a few.  The show being written by Harley Peyton of Twin Peaks is a good sign.  Jace Alexander is directing, and he has quite a bit of experience (including genre work)…that’s promising.

But do people want a superhero who can move objects with his mind…but only three inches?  How about one with a disabling smell?  Maybe.  The first one actually could be very effective, if it’s the right three inches.  The trigger of a gun, for example.  There are some anatomical shifts that would cause an opponent a real problem.

My guess is that this will have a devoted following…but I’m not convinced that Three Inches will last three seasons.  🙂  I’m hoping it’s good and that it does stick around…not a combination we always get in TV.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle


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