Will Amazon challenge Netflix on streaming video?

Will Amazon challenge Netflix on streaming video?

Netflix rocks on streaming video!  We’ve started to see the benefits of their recent big news deal, with the Godfather, Iron Man, and the new Star Trek all available.

How can you beat that for $8.99 a month?

Well, Amazon may be trying something:

WSJ article

They are one of the few companies I could see challenging Netflix on streaming.  Amazon is really good at data delivery…it’s one of the things they do.  They already have Amazon Unbox.  They have the advantage when making deals of also being a big seller of DVDs (which gives it some bargaining power).

They seem to be really looking at the possibilities.  Amazon is good at losing money on things while they buy marketshare.  Is it too late on this one?  Netflix has a great rep.  Blockbuster is still just holding on.  Hulu may start charging for some things, and has ads. 

Amazon is good at appealing to non-techies.  They could sell their own branded box, or just offer the option for people who can already get Amazon Unbox (like Tivo users), and there are a lot of those. 

I think this could happen…it will be interesting to watch.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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