“Because…I don’t know. Because, I think…”

“Because…I don’t know.  Because I think because they need us.  The plebs.  They don’t know it; but in a funny sort of way the…uncertainty…matters to them.  Not knowing where we are, where we shall pop up next, the crazy things we shall do.  They need people who’ve made lunacy a profession; and that’s us.  Without us, they’ll forget they’re living in Hell; they’ll just sludge down into a sort of great doughy mass, and forget how to think, and how to eat, and day they’ll forget how to breathe.  I think we’ve got to help them…keep things stirred.  Like worms tunneling through earth, letting the air in.  Us.  The Unsavory Elements, the won’t-do-gooders, and won’t-stay-putters.  And I think we’ve got to do this even if it hurts because it’s important to them as well.  Because we might not like it, and we might refuse to face it, but in the long term the plebs are what matters to us more than anything else.  Once we all opted for the Humanities.  Well, there they are.  The proper study of Mankind.  The Plebs.  Man…”
written by Keith Roberts

This is one in a series of quotations.

I’ve been working, from time to time, on a book of quotations for many years.  I call it, “The Mind Boggles”, from one of my favorite quotations.  I do source quotations a bit differently from a lot of people.  In the case of a work of a fiction, I consider that the character said the line…not the author.  As a bit of an author myself (in a minor way), I can tell you…my characters definitely say things that I would never say.  These are all quotations that I’ve collected myself: I’ve read the book, seen the TV episode, and so on.

Hope you enjoy them!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle

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