Ah, nostalgia…Avatar returns to theatres today

Ah, nostalgia…Avatar returns to theatres today

Remember way back in December of 2009?  Lost was still being broadcast, Betty White was only 87 years old…and 3D in the movie theatres was amazing, Dude!

Yes, if you are nostalgic for those good old days, you’ll be excited to know that Avatar is being re-released in theatres today. 

Oh, and it has never before-seen footage, because, you know, it just wasn’t long enough the first time.  Actually, I thought it moved very well…as those who’ve read my earlier post know, that wasn’t my concern with it.

I do think this will do pretty well this weekend, and easily push the movie over $750,000 dogro (domestic gross).  It doesn’t need much to do that, and it’ll happen.  Not adjusting for inflation, it’s way above its competition.  It’s alone in being over $700m dogro at $749m.  The closest one is director James Cameron’s Titanic at about $600m.  That’s right: Avatar is about 25% higher than the number 2. 

After that, we get The Dark Knight at $533m, and then eight movies over $400m…including Toy Story 3.

If you haven’t seen Avatar, I do think it’s worth seeing.  🙂  If you have seen it, you’ll get a few more minutes…more animals and more intimacy.

Avatar at Fandango

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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