Survive the Apocalypse…in style!

Survive the Apocalypse…in style!

Those 1950s bomb shelters were so bourgeois. 

I mean, just because 99% of humanity is doomed by a comet, or zombies, or nuclear war doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a comfortable chair, right?

Well, Vivos has the shelter for you!

Yes, it’s sort of like When Worlds Collide…without the rocket ship thing.  You and a bunch of other people (including doctors) seal yourselves into an internconnected habitrail kind of thing, and wait as long as a year for things to be okay. 

They have a countdown clock to 2012 on the site, but they are nicely agnostic.  They don’t really care what makes sunshine not worth it…they even have a video about “surviving anarchy”. 

You can invest now and save yourself and your family!

Seriously, I thought this was a pretty fun site…until I ran into this:

“This was evidenced with reports from survivors of the “911” collapse of the World Trade Center towers, when people were told to “go back upstairs”.  The survivors didn’t!”

That’s right…they criticize victims of 9/11 for following instructions in an emergency.  I don’t think disrespecting that group is the best sales pitch…at least, I hope not.

Sorry, this started out as a fun post…that was sobering.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle


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