The Week Ahead: August 16 – August 22 2010

The Week Ahead: August 16 – August 22 2010

For more information on upcoming (and historical) movies, TV shows, books, conventions, paranormal happenings, and pretty much anything that interests me, see the ever-growing Measured Circle Pop Culture Timeline.

Monday, August 16

On TV: Cartoon Network brings us new eps of Scooby-Doo, Johnny Test, and Flapjack; there’s a new Cake Boss on TLC; VH1 has a new ep of Scream Queens, and MTV has a new Warren the Ape

Tuesday, August 17

On TV: the History Channel has a special on The Gates of H*ll, six places around the world that are supposed to actually be entryways to the underworld…um, so when someone tells you to go there, you’ll know how? 😉 ; ABC Family has the series debut of Melissa and Joey, starring Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence…no, you don’t have to watched the first listing here to get there!  😉 Actually, buzz isn’t bad on it; Cartoon Network has a new ep of Unnatural History; G4 has a new It’s Effin’ Science; you can see a new Warehouse 13 on Syfy; the Discovery Channel’s post-apocalyptic reality show, The Colony, continues; and there’s a new Komodo Dragon special on NatGeo

Wednesday, August 18

On TV: Ghost Hunters International wraps its second season on Syfy; Science brings you a new Wonders of the Solar System;t here’s a new Criss Angel on A&E (not the person…the show) 😉 ; Hot in Cleveland finishes its first season on TV Land; USA gives a new Psych called Viagra Falls

Thursday, August 19

On TV: Burn Notice has a new ep on USA; there’s a new The Universe on Science…but since it’s about time travel, it might have been on yesterday 😉 ; Syfy has a new Fact or Faked; Stan Lee’s Superhumans continues on the History Channel

Cons* starting today include: Game Fest South 3 is a boardgaming convention in Chattanooga; Wizard World Chicago (actually in Rosemont), a pro con with some big names (Richard Anderson from The Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man, Linda Blair, Nicholas Brendon, John deLancie, Mickey Dolenz, Lou Ferrigno, Linda Hamilton, Walter Koenig, James Marsters, Julie Newmar, Richard Roundtree, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Lindsay Wagner…and Adam West and Burt Ward)

Friday, August 20

At the movie theatres: Nanny McPhee Returns is a sequel to a 2006 movie with a US dogro (domestic gross) of about $50 million.  However, that’s nearly twice its reported budget, and the US isn’t the only market.  The movie is again written and starring Emma Thompson.  The director this time is Susanna White, who has done quite a bit of television work, including Generation Kill.  There are a number of interesting actors in the movie as well, including Maggie Smith and Rhys Ifans (Harry Potter) and Ewan McGregor (Star Wars).  I can’t see this movie doing anything like the box office of those two series, though.  🙂  I expect they’ll make a profit, but it’s a busy week to open.  I’m going to go with it ending up in the 40 to 79mil slot in US dogro, but to do well in the UK.  Piranha 3D is the third in a series, but without a lot of carryover from the first two…the second of which featured flying piranha!  I’ve read that there was literally a tanker truck of fake blood used in this movie, and that there will be nudity.  Some people may be fooled by the presence of big names like Elizabeth Shue and Richard Dreyfuss, but nobody’s hiding the feel of the movie.  The director is Alexandre Aja (Mirrors and the 2006 The Hills Have Eyes).  I could actually see this movie taking the box office this weekend, but I see it in the 80 to 99 million slot at the end.  Maybe it will break 100mil, but two would surprise me.  It should do very well in the secondary markets though…DVDs, streaming, and so on.  While this next movie isn’t a sequel, it’s a parody: Vampires Suck.  While they keep avoiding saying it is a parody of Twilight, and saying it’s making fun of vampire movies generally, I don’t think we are going to see faux Bela Lugosis and Christopher Lees.  😉  These are the folks who brought you Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie.  I don’t think of those three broke 40mil dogro, although a couple have been close.  Basically, they’ve been low budget, low box office expectations movies…although again, they probably get some secondary market play.  It’s possible this will break 40m, but I have my doubts on it. 

On TV: this week’s episode of Eureka is Stoned (that’s the title) on Syfy; there’s also a new Haven on Syfy

Saturday, August 21

Cons* starting today include: the Dallas Webcomix Expo (actually in Plano)

On TV: there’s a new Persons Unknown on NBC; it’s a new to BBC America ep of Being Human; Celebrity Ghost Stories on Bio include Jermaine Jackson and Diane Ladd; Bio also has a new ep of My Ghost Story; Colin Ferguson, Michael Ironside, and Yancy Butler appear in Lake Placid 3 on Syfy;

Sunday, August 22

On TV: there is a new Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime; True Blood fans get with a new ep on HBO; ABC has a new ep of The Gates

*Cons are short for “conventions”, when people who rarely leave the house get together…just kidding, of course, they can be great fun.  For details, I recommend Fanboy’s Convention List.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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