“Some schools of thought are fond of saying…”

“Some schools of are fond of saying that this life is a bubble in the sea of eternity, and when the small bubble bursts, so does the illusion of this small life.  Yet I do not underrate this small life, nor my own identity, nor yours, for even the bubble is precious, and gives happy frivolity to the deep and ever-present ocean.  The ocean, indeed, would be expressionless without its changing countenance, albeit be the same in essence.  My plea to philosophers in lofty mental towers, who would continually think of themselves and all humans as illusions, dreams, unrealities is this: please, venerable sirs, forgive my youth and insecurity, but the bubble is important, too, and we as particularized identities in this bubble of life give infinite variety and expression to the changing thoughts and dreams of our Infinite Creator…”
–Marla Baxter
writing in My Saturnian Lover

This is one in a series of quotations. 

I’ve been working, from time to time, on a book of quotations for many years.  I call it, “The Mind Boggles”, from one of my favorite quotations.  I do source quotations a bit differently from a lot of people.  In the case of a work of a fiction, I consider that the character said the line…not the author.  As a bit of an author myself (in a minor way), I can tell you…my characters definitely say things that I would never say.  These are all quotations that I’ve collected myself: I’ve read the book, seen the TV episode, and so on. 

Hope you enjoy them!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle


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