Flixtream this! A Boy and His Dog

Flixtream this! A Boy and His Dog

You can get streaming Netflix in a lot of different ways: directly on a computer, through a Roku device, through a gaming system (Wii, XBOX 360, PS3), even through some TVs.  You can watch all the streaming stuff you want (and get 1 DVD at a time) for $8.99 a month.  I’m going to start recommending some things for you to watch…I call it Flixtreaming (for “NetFlix Streaming”).

You know how you go to watch something that you saw decades ago and wonder how it is going to hold up?

Oh, you weren’t born decades ago?  Well, use your imagination, bub.  😉

I saw A Boy and His Dog when it first came out…actually, I saw it at a convention before it was even released.

I don’t think you’ll get a good idea of what it is if you are just browsing through your streaming Netflix choices.  Heck, you can even read the description of it and not get it.

First, it isn’t a kids’ movie, despite the title.

Second, it may look like it’s a goofy comedy…that’s not really right, either.

Third, yes, it stars Don Johnson…but I do think he is good in this.  I bring that up because you might think it’s going to be like Miami Vice or Nash Bridges…it’s not.

I’m really careful about spoilers, but I can give you the basic set-up without too much trouble, I think.

It’s a PAW (Post-Apocalyptic World), created in a short story by Harlan Ellison.   People scramble to find things to eat…it’s a violent place.

Vic is a human “rover” who has teamed up with a telepathic dog called Blood.  This isn’t some macho German Shepherd…the dog is more of a Benji-looking type.

That’s as far as I’m going plotwise.  🙂

The movie is a social satire, but not slapstick.  It’s certainly adventurous as well, in a sort of Mad Max way (not the second one, but the first one).

I am going to warn you: some characters in the movie treat women badly…really, really badly.  The movie doesn’t, but some characters do.  There is nudity and sexual themes and violence…but none of those overwhelm the relationship between Vic and Blood, which is the big draw.

Okay, I’ll go a bit further into that relationship, again without spoiling plot points.

Blood, the dog, is the mentor.  His relationship is sort of like KITT’s to Michael Knight.  Vic is the hot-head, Blood the voice of reason.  But their bond is strong…both knows that they need the other.

So, did this hold up for me?  Yes, I’d say it was even better than when I saw it the first time.  I think at that point I was perhaps dazzled a bit more by the surface than I was now. 

Ignore the image and the description on Netflix, and, taking into account the content warnings I’ve mentioned, give it a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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