If you’re happy and you know it, tweet your tweets

If you’re happy and you know it, tweet your tweets


I love this one!

A group of scientists from Northeastern and Harvard have analyzed how happy people are…based on their tweets.  Being scientists (and not gossipbloggers), they looked at the trends (twends?) in the aggregate, rather than at individuals.

You can see a line graph for the mood-peaks during the day (least happy tweets?  Around noon), and comparing East Coast and West Coast.  Which coast is happiest?  Let’s see…New York or San Francisco?  😉  The West Coast was consistently happier, but that could be misleading.  Maybe the East Coast uses “bad” to mean “good” more often, that kind of thing.  Maybe the more densely packed East Coast is more likely to say happy things in person.  They also look at the days of the week…the weekends were more happy (surprise, surprise).  🙂

For the data, you can click under the title to get a pdf…I recommend that, I found it a bit tough to read without it.

The other really cool thing is they have done an animation showing the mood variations blooming throughout the day and night (it cycles twice).  Even if you didn’t know what it was, it’s pretty.  😉

You can see the data and the animation here:

Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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