The Week Ahead: July 19 – July 25 2010

The Week Ahead: July 19 – July 25 2010

For more information on upcoming (and historical) movies, TV shows, books, conventions, paranormal happenings, and pretty much anything that interests me, see the ever-growing Measured Circle Pop Culture Timeline.

The news dominator this week should, of course, be Comic-Con.  It’s very visual (with sexy outfits), it’s got celebrities, and it will have scoops about a multi-billion dollar industry…and an exclusive Ghostbusters II minimates set!

Monday, July 19

On TV, we get: Cartoon Network gives us a new ep of the new Scooby-Doo, a new Adventure Time, and a new Flapjack; Fox gives us a new Lie to Me; there’s a new Cake Boss on TLC; TBS has two new eps of  Neighbors from H*ll; and MTV has a new Warren the Ape

A new book today is Cheat Code Overload from BradyGames (lots of videogame “cheats”).

Tuesday, July 20

On TV: there’s a new ep of Unnatural History on the Cartoon Network; a new Warehouse 13 on Syfy; it’s a Comanche versus a Mongol on The Deadliest Warrior (Spike TV)

Tuesday’s books include: Welcome to Monster Town  (a pun-filled book for kids); Troublemaker  (this is a graphic novel from Janet Evanovich and Alex Evanovich…illustrated by Joelle Jones); Super Pro K.O.  by Jarrett Williams (looks like a manga based on a fighter); Slant by Greg Bear

Wednesday, July 21

On TV: NatGeo gives us two new eps of Rebel Monkeys; there’s a new Ghost Hunters International on Syfy; a new Mythbusters on Discovery; a new Psych on USA; and a new Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on Science

It’s preview night at Comic-Con…sort of like Comic-Con Eve.  🙂  With a big con* like this, what happens is that some people arrive the night before the first day’s events.  They may want to get one last night’s sleep in…or start the party early.  😉  The early birds will get a preview of the new fall TV series of Nikita, starring Maggie Q.  They’ll get other previews as well, but surprises are part of the program.

Thursday, July 22

On TV, we get: a new Burn Notice ep on USA; down to five on SYTYCD; a new Fact or Faked on Syfy; a new Futurama on Comedy Central; and a new Penn & Teller on Showtime

Cons* starting today include: Comic-Con’s first official day is likely to give us a scoop on The Hobbit movies, Patton Oswalt moderating a panel on the new Tron movie (including Jeff Bridges), Stan Freberg, Sookie Stackhouse’s creator (author Charlaine Harris), the casts of Psych and Dexter, Penn & Teller…and that’s only a small selection of the events!

Friday, July 23

This is a tricky Friday for movies.  I wonder if having 100,000 people (minimum) who are heavy movie goers and heavy movie promoters at Comic-Con will hurt the openings of genre movies.  The big new movie is Salt, starring Angelia Jolie.  The success or failure of this movie is going to be laid at Angelina’s feet.  No question, she’s the star even if the character wasn’t conceived as being someone like her.  The director, Philip Noyce, did two Jack Ryan movies with Harrison Ford: Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger.  He also did Sliver with Sharon Stone and The Saint with Val Kilmer.  That was all more than a decade ago, and I wouldn’t say the latter two are beloved movies (or even that they were blockbusters).  My guess is that this will be seen as having opened soft (and won’t knock Inception off, athough I do expect a significant drop there), and will have a struggle to get to 100 million…I’m thinking around eighty. 

Cons* starting today include: the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival.

Comic-Con highlights (it’s Star Wars Day at Comic-Con!: Neal Adams (DC) and Stan Lee (Marvel) speak together about the holocaust; a panel on retailing in the digital age; a Stargate:Universe panel, including Robert Carlyle and Ming Na; a panel on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series; a preview of upcoming Star Wars collectibles; a Big Bang Theory panel, including not only the stars, but producer Chuck Lorre; a Yo Gabba Gabba! panel; Joss Whedon; Krazy Kat’s 100th anniversary; Sony Pictures will talk up The Green Hornet; a True Blood panel, with all the big stars and Alan Ball; an Archer panel;

On TV, there’s: a new Eureka and a new Haven on Syfy; a new Ghost Stories (in New Orleans) on the Travel Channel

Saturday, July 24

Cons* today include: the Hollywood Collectors Show (guests include: Barbara Feldon (99 on Get Smart); Barbara Steele (Hammer); Carla Laemmle (the Bela Lugosi Dracula); Caroline Munroe (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad); Denny Miller (Tarzan); Martine Beswick (James Bond); Melody Anderson (Flash Gordon); Morgan Woodward (Star Trek); Olivia D’Abo (Conan); Steven Tobolowsky (Heroes); Yancy Butler (Witchblade); and many more, including a reunion of Peanuts cartoon voice artists–but not Pamela Ferdin);  there’s also the Northern Anime Festival in Oshawa, Ontario

Comic-Con highlights: a Mad Magazine panel; a Warner Brothers panel (including The Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, and Harry Potter); Sergio Aragones; Sid & Marty Krofft (maybe a scoop on the upcoming H.R. Pufnstuf movie) AND Joe Ruby and Ken Spears; Ray Bradbury; a Fringe panel (with Torv, Jackson, Noble, Reddick, Brown, and Nicole); Mark Hamill; J. Michael Straczynski; Universal presents Paul (with Simon Pegg) and Cowboys & Aliens (with Jon Favreau); Dark Shadows (including a special video appearance by Jonathan Frid); Attack of the Show (yes, Olivia Munn will be there…and Kevin Pereira) 😉 ; Mythbusters; Kevin Smith; Troma; simulcast of True Blood (what, you couldn’t Tivo?) 😉 ; the masquerade

On TV, there’s: Persons Unknown (I think we’re about half-way through) on NBC; a new Celebrity Ghost Stories on Bio (Alice Cooper and Fred Dryer…don’t you get tired of seeing those two guys together?) 😉 and a new My Ghost Story for non-celebrities; the new to BBC America season (series, if you are British…but not if you are American) finale; and the new to BBC America 2nd season debut of Being Human (the vampire/ghost/werewolf as flatmates series…it’s not a sitcom, by the way.  An American version is coming later)

Sunday, July 25

On TV: there’s a new Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime; a new ep of The Gates on ABC; HBO has a new True Blood

Comic-Con wraps up with: it’s Kids’ Day, with special events: Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson); the Jim Henson Company; legendary voice artist Janet Waldo (The Jetsons); Glee; and closing the con…a sing-along to the musical episode of Buffy!

*Cons are short for “conventions”, when people who rarely leave the house get together…just kidding, of course, they can be great fun.  For details, I recommend Fanboy’s Convention List.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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