“Oh, yes, love, the devil is having a field day…”

 “Oh, yes, love the devil is having a field day right now.  It’s a bad moment when the chains are loosened.  There is abroad in the nation something that goes beyond the speaking of it.  There is a carelessness of human life.  I believe, as you know in the positive activity of evil as such.  I call him Lucifer because I am afraid of him, and he doesn’t like to be called Satan.”
–Exorcism author Malachi Martin, quoted by Caroline Drewes in the San Francisco Examiner on May 3, 1981

This is one in a series of quotations.

I’ve been working, from time to time, on a book of quotations for many years.  I call it, “The Mind Boggles”, from one of my favorite quotations.  I do source quotations a bit differently from a lot of people.  In the case of a work of a fiction, I consider that the character said the line…not the author.  As a bit of an author myself (in a minor way), I can tell you…my characters definitely say things that I would never say.  These are all quotations that I’ve collected myself: I’ve read the book, seen the TV episode, and so on. 

Hope you enjoy them!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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