Boost your bootup

Boost your bootup

Does your computer take a long time to bootup?

This is an easy (and fun) one.

Go to

Download their free program.  When you bootup, it will show you all of the programs that are in your bootup…and how long each of them is delaying you.

It will sort them into three categories…no-brainers (you can get those out of the boot), maybes, and ones you should leave alone.

It will give you a choice to Pause or Delay a program (after explaining what it does, making a recommendation, and showing you what other users have chosen to do).  Pausing it means that the program won’t start until you call for it.  If you delay it, it won’t be part of the bootup…but it will launch itself during idle time (when you aren’t using the computer).  If would also launch if you called for it, of course.

You can probably save some time if you use Soluto…it won’t necessarily be a lot of time, but it will be something.

I’m not connected to the site, by the way…I’ve just used it successfully on a couple of computers.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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