UFO Commission to be up to Denver voters

UFO Commission to be up to Denver voters

Okay, this is a weird story.

Apparently, there is an initiative that will be on the November ballot in Colorado.  The voters will decide if a commission to…expose extraterrestrial events on Earth is funded by voters.

First, the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) is only one possible explanation, but let’s leave that alone.

One of the really strange parts is that a group that has filed against it is the Mission for Inhibiting Bureaucracy, which is arguing against the cost.

Yes, they are abbreviated M.I.B.

Yes, Men-in-Black are a traditional part of the UFO world…mysterious agents that suppress UFO information.  You can read more about them in this earlier article of mine.

My intuition is that this M.I.B. is entirely aware of the term, and that they see this as sort of a joke.

KDVR article

website for the EXTRA CAMPAIGN

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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