Flash! ThunderCats to be anime-style series on CN in 2011

Flash! ThunderCats to be anime-style series on CN in 2011


It’s always interesting to me which theme songs people recognize.  I have a CD I put together myself (all legally), and other people hear it.

One of the themes that gets recognized?  ThunderCats!

The original series started in 1985 in television syndication. 

It starred a group of feline-like aliens, with individuals based on different actual big cat species.  The leader was Lion-O, who used the magical Sword of Omens.  There were characters based on tigers (Tygra), cheetahs (Cheetara), panthers (Panthro), and twins based on wildcats.

There were lots of other characters, some based on other types of animals.

The main enemy was Mumm-Ra, who is like a super-powerful Egyptian mummy sorcerer.

There has been talk for some time about a big screen version: would it be CGI?  Feline-inspired female characters are often shown as sexy (see Cat People, Cat Woman),  and some hoped for a live action version.

Now, word comes that ThunderCats will return as an “anime-style” series on Cartoon Network in 2011.Flash! ThunderCats to be anime-style series on CN in 2011.

TV Squad article 

2011 series at IMDB

I think that’s a good fit, actually.  Cartoon Network can make it mature enough to expand and satisfy the fanbase, and it’s certainly a complex enough mythology to justify a series.

Where does that leave a big screen adaptation?

My guess is that this isn’t a negative.  It does suggest to me that the movie (which is scheduled for 2012) would be anime-style as well, although you could do 2D animation on TV and CGI or live action in the theatres.

2012 movie at IMDB

Would original voice artists be involved?  Well, Earl Hammond (Mumm-Ra and others) passed on in 2002.  Larry Kenny, who voiced Lion-O, has a credit listed for 2008 (in Grand Theft Auto IV).  Bob McFadden, who was Snarf (and others, including Slythe), died in 2000.  Peter Newman (Monkian) has appeared several times on Archer.  The incredible Rob Paulsen, who is one of my favorite contemporary voice artists worked on the series.

Regardless, there appears to be no question…ThunderCats will rise again!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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