When children are present

When children are present

Okay, I’m a real speed limit follower.  I was writing directions for something once, and I put down that you turned right after the speed limit changed.  My Significant Other (SO), pointed out that most people don’t know when that is.  My response was, “Really?”  The suggestion was to use a restaurant as a marker, because “everybody notices food”.  🙂

The one big thing I’d change about my Magellan GPS is to have it display the speed limit.  Yes, it will tell me how fast I am going, and yes, it must know the speed limits, since it can estimate how long it will take me to get there…quite accurately (not counting traffic jams).  Maybe it can do it, and I just don’t know how.

The one that gets me, though, is those school zone signs:

“25 mph when children are present”

How am I supposed to know if children are present or not? 

Oh, I assume from like 8 to 3 Monday through Friday they are there…you know, except in the summer.

But what about after school activities?  What if those Glee kids are rehearsing Tony Orlando and Dawn night or something?  What if they are doing those…what are they called…sports?  😉

I always picture this one kid standing right at the edge of the soccer field, waiting for cars to come by, and then jumping on to school property and shouting, “Ha ha!” 

Can’t you just see a cop telling a couple of kids to hide behind a bench in the quad at 8:00 at night so she or he can write tickets? 

Nah, they wouldn’t do that, but the question still stands…how am I supposed to know?

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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