TV marathons today May 31 2010

TV marathons today May 31 2010

People do a lot of things in the US on Memorial Day.   Some certainly go to parades, some have picnics, some go to ceremonies honoring veterans and the fallen.

Some watch TV.

Or, you know, set up their DVRs to record marathons.  🙂

With the ability to just watch entire seasons of TV shows at your will through streaming Netflix (and the Roku box, even your Wii), I don’t know how long TV marathons will be a big thing.  I actually think it will be for years…there’s a difference between selecting a season to watch, and just stumbling on to it and being trapped.  😉

I’m going to be pretty generous with the term “marathon”…let’s say, more than two episodes in a row. 

Bewitched on TV Land

Clean House on Style (the most frightening show I’ve ever avoided watching) 😉

Hoarders on A&E

City Confidential on Bio

Pawn Stars on History (really?  That’s the history they marathon on Memorial Day?)

Stephen King miniseries on Syfy

The Game on BET

Bridezillas on WE

The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo

War movies on AMC

Clint Eastwood movies on TCM

Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America (I haven’t quite figured out why this is on this channel…just because of Patrick Stewart?  Does that mean they should run Hogan’s Heroes because of Richard Dawson?) 😉

Law & Order on TNT

Jersey Shore on MTV

American Gladiators on MTV2

Tough Love Couples on VH1

World’s Strictest Parents on CMTV

Band of Brothers on Spike TV

Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel

Teen Titans on Boomerang

Deadliest Catch on Discovery

Cake Boss on The Learning Channel (I’d recommend you try this…we like it a lot, and I’m not much of a cooking show person.  The cakes are amazing, though…how about a life-size, very detailed motorcycle? and the people are fun to watch)

River Monsters on Animal Planet

Beverly Hills 90210 on Soap

Dr. G: America’s Most Shocking Cases on Discovery Health

Cops on G4

I (Almost) Got Away with It on

How It’s Made on Science

World at War on Military

Caught on Camera on MSNBC

Book TV on CSPAN 2

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on Travel

The Pacific on HBO2


This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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