James Franco to star in Planet of the Apes prequel

James Franco to star in Planet of the Apes prequel

Let me get this out of the way first…I’m a big PotA fan.  I actually sat through all five original movies in a row in a movie theatre…wearing an ape suit.  🙂

There have been those five movies, a live action series (and movies culled from it), an animated series, the Tim Burton version…and now, in 2011, Rise of the Apes.

They all stem from a novel by Pierre Boulle…but Rod Serling’s script for the Charlton Heston first movie changed it considerably.

The prequel will deal with scientists “uplifting” the apes, which isn’t unreasonable in the original story line (which is quite convoluted and includes time travel).   In the original movies, a plague from space killed off Earth’s cats and dogs, and apes were sort of brought into the home to replace them as pets…but turned out to have a lot more possibilities.  The “rise” in the originals always seemed to be a bit abrupt to me: scientific assistance makes sense. 

I have to admit that first hearing James Franco being in an Apes prequel made me first think of James Franciscus (who was in Beneath the Planet of the Apes).  I’m guessing that’s not the only reason Franco got the part, though.  😉  Just kidding, he’s a great actor, and an interesting choice.

Another interesting choice may meet some resistance in PotA fandom: instead of using makeup (like Dick Smith’s marvelous appliances), WETA is going to do it Avatar style, promising “photorealistic” apes.

It’s scheduled for June 24, 2011…I might even be able to get the family to go to that one…maybe.  😉

Rise of the Apes at IMDB

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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