My take on Lost

My take on Lost

Lost is over. 

Six seasons…121 episodes…one (?) massive mythology.

It just couldn’t end well.

Why not?

Because part of the real attraction of Lost was the mystery. 

Think about it.


What if we’d been told from the very beginning that the polar bear was simply an escaped animal?  What fun would that have been?  Hey, and wasn’t the polar bear in a comic book or something?

So, the whole comic book thing was a red herring?  It wasn’t imagination come to life?


It could have been all rationally explained…which would have been boring.

And what the heck happened to Walt?  Didn’t he do that weird thing with the Australian bird?

That would have been like the polar bear in the comic book!

But no.

Somehow Walt and Michael don’t even make it to heaven…or limbo…or…whatever that was at the end of the last episode.

Is it because they escaped the island?  Well, Walt didn’t exactly escape…

Once we got the story, parts of it were guessable.  When we saw Jacob born, my Signficant Other (SO) knew right away it was Jacob.  I knew the other twin was Smokey.

When we saw the glowing well, I knew Jacob was going to cause Smokey to fall into the well and turn into the smoke monster.

It’s that whole Lex Luthor/Superboy thing, when he accidentally made him lose his hair. 

Like Locke being bald…hey!  Superman lived in the arctic circle!  What’s in the arctic?  Polar bears!

Now it makes sense! 

Just kidding…I did enjoy Lost, even if the plot got so thick at times you couldn’t spread it with a butter knife.

My favorite part about Lost was Hurley (in the early seasons).  I love optimistic, fun characters…like Hiro on Heroes.  Once they get all angsty, I enjoy it less. 

Sawyer was fun, too, although I really didn’t care who he ended up with. 

Actually, in the last season, one of my favorites may have been Miles.  At least he kept the humor going.

I have to say, if Lindelof and Cuse knew where they were going the whole time, why did Linus’ part grow so much?  Why did we lose Walt and Michael, even though Vincent appeared in the last episode? 

Oh, you don’t need to answer that…we’ve been given all the answers we are going to get, although it wouldn’t surprise me if we get novels or comic books.

Yes, I know this article is a mish-mash…that just seemed appropriate, somehow.  🙂

Lost was one of the great series, even if it was a whole lot of hard work at times.  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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