Russell is wrong about Survivor

Russell is wrong about Survivor

SPOILER ALERT: Russell didn’t win Survivor: he was one of the last remaining three.  Sandra beat Parvati…Russell got no votes.  It’s what he said afterwards that I’m going to address.

I said in an earlier post that my preference would be for Russell to win Survivor…and that Sandra was down at the bottom of my preference list, just above Colby.

Those weren’t predictions: it’s who I wanted to win.

However, if Russell plays again, I’d feel very differently about it.

He said that he thought there was a “flaw” in the Survivor rules…well, he didn’t use a weasel word like “thought”, he just said there was a flaw.

He thought America should get a vote.

That completely misunderstands the game and one of the best things about it.

The point of Survivor is that you have to eliminate people…who then have to vote for you to win.

That doesn’t mean you have to be seen as the person getting rid of them…you could hypothetically “outlast” them.  But the fact that you didn’t go home contributes to the fact that they did.

You’ve got to take a million dollars away from somebody and have them think you still deserve that reward.

Jeff Probst was right when he said Russell wasn’t describing Survivor.

It would be a bit like saying that your team gained the most yards in a football game, so you should win…even though you never got into the end zone, and the other team did.

That might make an interesting game, but it wouldn’t be football.

I thought Russell was putting on his “super villain” image…now, I’m not so sure.  He had this delusional statement that he only played one game (since he played back to back)…which he made more than once.  That’s just not true.

Now, why don’t I want Sandra to win seasons (which she has done twice, more than anybody else in the history of the game)?

That’s an interesting question for me.

She’s never won a competition…I know that’s part of it.  The competitions are both physical and mental, and I do think the ultimate survivor should win at least one.

She’s also never had a vote against her that counted.

I also think that’s bad, in terms of the people I want to watch.

I think she is just middle of the road…she doesn’t excel in challenges, she doesn’t engender strong emotions in the other players.

Another element is that she just doesn’t have a verbal flair.  I like to watch people who are out there, and have clever things to say.

Maybe that’s what I don’t like…she’s mainstream.  I generally like the outsiders, people outside the norm. 

I absolutely think she deserves to win this season, and she deserves the money.  They let a former winner get to the end?  Her strategy…well, her gameplay (she said her only strategy was to get out Russell and that didn’t work…although she said not winning challenges was a strategy) works. 

I don’t like it when what is normal is what is best, I guess.  🙂  Just kidding, but I want to see innovation win.  I want to see people work it so other people are out of the game…and they think the person who got them out, outplayed them.

Will Survivor have Russell back?  Maybe…he was voted the player of the game by America, but I think the other players would want him out right away.  They know he’s dangerous and they don’t like him…I think they genuinely don’t like him.  On the other hand, they might keep him around for a bit: since nobody votes for him at the end.

Will they ask Sandra back?  Sure, and she could win again…just keeping her head down most of the time, and drawing within the lines.

That’s not as much fun, but I’d still watch.  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.


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