Hot tube, summer on your TV

Hot tube, summer on your TV

Summer can be a great time for TV.  That didn’t use to be true…it used to be pretty much the rerun doldrums.  In recent years, though, we’ve seen some good options, especially on cable.

It’s all a little fragmented, of course, because people often don’t watch shows then they are first shown.  I watch Roku a lot (which is the streaming Netflix)…there’s always something on TV (and it’s something I picked).

Still, it’s fun to watch things when they first run.  That’s especially true if you are like me and hate spoilers.  I usually watch reality competition shows pretty much live…if I don’t, even my news crawls might spoil it.  🙂

So, here’s how the summer is shaping it:

Unscheduled: Beast Legends is a new reality show from Syfy.  They are going to look into the mythology of creatures, and develop a computer-generated image based on their research.  It sounds more…scholarly than Destination Truth, but did they need another series so thematically similar to it?

Unscheduled: Being Human (the American version).  I watched the British version of this, and it will be something if Syfy can pull this one off.  It’s one of those things that depended on character balance, so it’s going to be hard to make it different enough and yet have it be like the original.  It’s young twenty-somethings living together…but one is a vampire, one is a werewolf, one is a ghost.  Now, an American show would make that sound like a total sitcom, but it wasn’t really played for laughs.

Unscheduled: The Colony returns to The Discovery Channel.

Unscheduled: Day One is a post-apocalyptic series from NBC.  Something has destroyed the world’s infrastructure.  A mixed group of people who happen to live in the same apartment building set off together. The pedigree is decent on this one.

Unscheduled: The Good Guys on Fox.  This is a buddy cop comedy from the person who brought you Burn Notice.  Colin (“son of Tom”) Hanks and Bradley Whitford star.  This looks like it could be funny, but it’s just going to depend on whether the stories sufficiently support the characters, in my opinion.

Unscheduled: Haven on Syfy.  This one is based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.  It’s another outsider moves to supernatural town thing…but based on King can be a good thing.  Eric Balfour (Milo Pressman on 24) is one of the stars.

Unscheduled: Melissa & Joey on ABC Family.  Not ready for 1990s nostalgia?  You might want to skip this one…although maybe Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa) can explain Joey Lawrence’s “Whoa!”  😉  Just kidding, they’ve both done plenty of things since then.

Unscheduled: Sym-Bionic Titan on Cartoon Network.  Powerpuff Girls. Dexter’s Laboratory. Samurai Jack.  Star Wars: Clone Wars.  What do they all have in common?  Genndy Tartakovsky.  He’s bringing us this new giant robot/high school comedy hybrid.  Can he bring us yet another memorable cartoon series?  I’d say the odds are in his favor. 

May 24: Saving Grace returns to TNT.

May 27: So You Think You Can Dance returns to Fox.

May 28: Past Life returns to Fox.

May 31: Cake Boss returns to TLC.  Yes, I watch it…my Significant Other particularly likes it, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out.  The cakes are really amazing, and the family is fun.  I’m by no means a chef, but I enjoy this.

June 1: America’s Got Talent on NBC.  The reality competition show returns. 

June 2: Ghost Hunters Academy returns to Syfy.

June 3: Burn Notice returns to USA.

June 4: The Neistat Brothers on HBO.  Viral video artists go cable.

June 6: Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime.

June 7: Lie To Me returns to Fox.

June 7: Neighbors from H*ll on TBS.  Dreamworks Animation (Shrek) bring us a typical suburban family…although they are literally from H*ll.  Demons have been big on TV lately (see Ugly Americans), and not just in the programming department.  😉

June 10: Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t returns to Showtime.

June 13: True Blood returns to HBO.

June 13: Unnatural History on Cartoon Network.  I’m sorry, but Cartoon Network should have…hm…cartoons.  🙂  This is a live-action series with a globe-trotting teenager who gets sent to a high school to settle him down a bit.  However, proximity to a museum leads to mysterious happenings and adventures.  I’m not convinced about this one…I’m guessing it will have a small group of solid fans, but maybe not enough for a second season.

June 14: Warren the Ape on MTV.  A minor celebrity who is a puppet.  No, no, a real puppet.  The concept alone will pull in that Avenue Q crowd…but Dr. Drew Pinsky?

June 15: It’s Effin’ Science, a spin-off from Attack of the Show, debuts on G4

June 16: Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.  You know, I’d really like TV Land to just be old shows (although I do like the TV Land Awards).  This is a traditional sitcom, with some experienced stars…including Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick.

June 16: Top Chef returns to Bravo.

June 20: The Gates on ABC.  Family moves into creepy community…one of those Stepford Wives type places, although this sounds like it may be a bit more of a character drama.

June 22: Downfall on ABC.  Okay, this could be just a stupid idea, but it’s the kind of thing that coud catch people’s attention.  Contestant answer trivia questions while on top of a tall building. If they lose, they apparently get thrown off the building…bungee style, I assume.

June 22: Memphis Beat on TNT.  Good pedigree, interesting cast…a cop show set in Memphis.  Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard star.  DJ Qualls has a role…he may forever by The New Guy to me, but this is a reunion: Qualls and Lee both worked on My Name is Earl.

June 24: Futurama returns to Comedy Central.

July 6: Warehouse 13 returns to Syfy.

July 8: Big Brother returns to CBS.

July 9: Eureka returns to Syfy.

July 12: Rizzoli & Isles on TNT.  Based on the Tess Gerritsen mystery novels, Angie Harmon stars as Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander (Yes Man) as Isles.  The Twilight saga’s Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) also appears, as does Lorraine Bracco.  My intuition?  Strong opening, and then they may have trouble maintaining. 

July 14: Ghost Hunters International returns to Syfy.

July 15: Mary Knows Best on Syfy.  This is described as a “docu-soap”…not a good sign, to my intuition.  It’s a reality show starring psychic Mary Occhino and her family.  I’m guessing they are going to try to emphasize family (apparently, her kids consists of a “reluctant psychic”, a paranormal investigator ((possibly neutral)), and a skeptic).  Must make for some interesting Monopoly games…  😉

July 15: Paranormal Investigators on Syfy.  Yes, another traveling supernatural documentary/reality series on Syfy.  Hey…maybe they should listen to that intro to Star Trek again?  Sci fi/fantasy should be about innovation…not that I don’t love this stuff.  🙂

July 17: Celebrity Ghost Stories returns to BIO.

July 17: My Ghost Story on Bio.  What, you thought Bio was just for this life, not the next one?  😉  They’ve done paranormal series before (lots of basic cable channels do).  This one promises videos of hauntings as we get first person stories.

July 21: Psych returns to USA.

July 24: The British version of Being Human returns to BBC America.

August 1: Rubicon on AMC.  American Movie Classics has really stretched their name over the years, but that has resulted in some great television.  This is a twisty conspiracy thriller…those haven’t fared all that well recently, but this one might be worth a try.

August 9: Scream Queens returns to VH1…this time, the role is in Saw 3D.

August 20: The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town on IFC.  The Kids in the Hall return (all five original members) with a comic murder mystery.  The risk this one has is suffering by comparison (and going for long form), but everybody is back and writing on the series…I think it has a good shot to satisfy the fans.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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