“You in the Lexus! Pull over and show me your nanny’s I-9!”

“You in the Lexus! Pull over and show me your nanny’s I-9!”

There’s been a lot of news coverage recently about a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police officers who have a reasonable suspicion that someone is an in the country illegally to ask for identification.

Well, the outspoken Crepaudia had something to say about it, and here it is:

“Everybody knows that if employers didn’t hire illegal aliens, we wouldn’t have this problem.  Clearly, the police in Arizona should pull over anybody who looks like they might employ an illegal…you know, people with gardens, swimming pools, nannies, guys who run construction companies…and ask them for an I-9 for their employees.  If they can’t produce any, they should be arrested!”

Personally, I think that the Arizona law is unlikely to be upheld.  Something that would help them is if they simply required everyone to carry proof of the right to be in the country, and that should be checked consistently at every police stop.  You know where your certified copy of your birth certificate is, right?  😉

If it isn’t across the board, or if there aren’t specific guidelines published for suspicious appearance/behavior, I don’t see how it will hold up.

That’s just my thoughts on it, though.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog. 

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