Round up #2: seal of “a-roof-full”

Round up #2: seal of “a-roof-full”

Seal of “a-roof-full”

A Los Angeles man found a live baby seal on a second floor roof.  While all sorts of animals have been reported to fall out of the sky (especially fish and frogs), but in this case, there do appear to be stairs.  Oh, the article called it a seal…but it has visual external ears, which should make it a sea lion.  This might have been just a fish (eater) story, but there is a


Oh, and I love a good animal name: they called this one “Fiddler”….get it, Zero?

Legend of the Sought

Legend of the Seeker, based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, will finish with this season.  It was an attempt by ABC to get into the syndication business.  It had a good pedigree (in addition to Goodkind), being brought to you in part by Sam Raimi (Hercules and Xena). 

I watched several episodes of it and while I didn’t mind missing one, I did enjoy it.

Bruce Spence (who will forever by the Gyro Captain from The Road Warrior for me) plays a wizard in the series.

New episodes are still being broadcast: Tivo link, and you can see older episodes on Hulu.  It’s also available instantly through Netflix, which means you can watch it through your Wii with a free disc, through your Roku, and/or on your PC.

Keep your ISIS on the prize

Speaking of streaming Netflix, the first season of Archer is now available!  This is an edgy show, so consider yourself warned…but I do think it is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while (cartoon or otherwise).

Houston, we have a UFO

Texas has a history of space objects, of course, and the famous Marfa lights.  You can watch this

home video

of…something…over the Medical Center last weekend.  Suggested explanation by the “expert”?  Space junk…


Oh, Harry Potter…you do make people money!  J.K. Rowling is worth 1.1 billion dollars, according to the Sunday Times annual “rich list”.  She tops the authors list, reportedly.  However, that’s not at all: Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry in the movies) is worth 89 million, Emma Watson (Hermione) is worth 47 million, and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) is worth 42 million.  So, when people say that J.K. Rowling should allow her books to be in e-book form because it would make her money…um, I don’t think more money is high on her list of concerns right now.  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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