The Week Ahead: April 26 – May 2 2010

The Week Ahead: April 26 – May 2 2010

For more information on upcoming (and historical) movies, TV shows, books, conventions, paranormal happenings, and pretty much anything that interests me, see the ever-growing Measured Circle Pop Culture Timeline.

Monday, April 26

On TV, Cartoon Network brings you new eps of Johnny Test, Adventure Time, and Flapjack.  You also get new eps of Chuck, House, and 24. 

Tuesday, April 27

On TV, music fans can see a new episode of Glee and  the last half-dozen compete on American Idol.  For a different kind of conflict, you can see (a simulated) Attila the Hun take on (a simulated) Alexander the Great.   You also get a new ep of V, and the BBC America season finale of Survivors. 

Tuesday is book release day, and you get: Black Blade Blues by J. A. Pitts (bringing Norse gods into the current world); the fourth book in Lori Handeland’s Phoenix Chronicles, Chaos Bites  (Kindle edition); and Dexter: Investigating Cutting Edge TV (if you haven’t seen Dexter, I recommend it…start at the beginning)

Tuesday’s videogames include: Record of Agarest War  (“the really naughty limited edition”); PixelJunk Monsters (available for under ten dollars); NIER (which sounds really quite dark); The Whispered World (a rated E for Everyone PC game); and Vampire Saga MBX, a teen-rated vampire game…hey, teen vampires…there’s an idea!  😉

Wednesday, April 28

On TV, it’s Rebel Monkeys night on Nat Geo (two new eps).  You also get new eps of Mythbusters and Ghost Hunters.  Premiering tonight is the new Sam Neill/Steven Weber series, Happy Town.  For a different kind of happy town, you get Sunset Daze, a reality show with senior citizens. 

Thursday, April 29

On TV, there are new eps of Flash Forward, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Mentalist, and CSI.  Fringe is doing a musical episode…yes, that’s right.  It’s part of “Fox Rocks” week, but they are making it make sense, sort of. 

Friday, April 30

On TV, the Cartoon Network brings you Ben 10 and its new sibling show, Generator X.  Zod returns on Smallville, and you get a new Ghost Whisperer and Medium.  It’s a one-hour season finale of Star Wars: the Clone Wars, as well as new eps of Stargate Universe, Most Haunted, and a new to Syfy ep of Merlin.  Iron Man 2 costars Robert Downey, Jr., and Gwyneth Paltrow appear on BBC America’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. 

Busy weekend for conventions!  The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse convention is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  That might seem weird to you to have it this soon, but you have to plan Halloween things far in advance.  My first real job was at a place that sold Halloween masks…and we had to order them in March.  Those cool Don Post latex masks took a long time to make.  That’s why stores always ran out of some popular item.  I remember the year everybody wanted a Miss Piggy mask.  There are other conventions in Virginia Beach, St. Louis, Bonn (Germany), a mystery convention in Arlingon, anime in Nashville, Indianapolis, Eau Claire, a special GLBT sci fi and gaming convention in “Outlanta” (Atlanta), Romulus (Michigan), and Tampa.  Whew!  For more information, I recommend Fanboy’s Convention List.

At the movies, Hollywood is still pulling itself up by its “re-boot-straps” with A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Jackie Earl Haley walks in Robert Englund’s gloves (wait, that’s not right…which one is the hand-standing serial killer?). 😉   For those of you who prefer paws to claws, you can see Furry Vengeance, with Brendan Fraser versus CGI-enhanced woodland critters.  In limited release is The Human Centipede.  This one is a limited release with a probably deliberately limited appeal.  I don’t want to spoil anything…although I suspect this one may spoil a few dinners.  😉

Why would a book about rules get released on a Tuesday?  😉  Access Controlled  from MIT is about Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace.

Saturday, May 1

On TV, you get a new ep of Legend of the Seeker.  New to BBC America is Matt Smith’s first Dalek episode, Victory of the Daleks, on Doctor Who. 

Sunday, May 2

On TV, there’s a new episode of The Simpsons.   You get a Discovery Channel special on Black Holes, and two hours of Stephen Hawking’s Into the Universe.  Soap star Ricky Paul Goldin is the “true believer” and Jeff Gurtman is the skeptic as they drive across the US debating the unexplained in Seeing vs. Believing

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.

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