My take on MRQE

My take on MRQE

Type: website
Founder: Stewart Clamen

“Seen any good movies lately?”

Part of the fun of movies is talking about them afterwards.  Oh, I’m very careful about spoilers…I’ll walk out of the room if people start discussing a movie I haven’t seen yet (and plan to see).

But I do like reading reviews of movies I’ve seen.  🙂

One of my favorite sites on the web is the Movie Review Query Engine (they’d like you to pronounce it “marquee’).  I’ve been using it for many years, and it is a virtual Methuselah…it started in 1993.  😉

The basic set up is simple…you put in a movie, and read reviews about it.  One thing that is nice is that it isn’t just the usual suspects.  Date Night, for example, has 108 articles right now.  97 reviews, and 11 news articles.  There is also a category for blogs (none listed) and Tweets.  They don’t give a count on tweets…you click on it and read them.

So, you say you don’t want to read 97 reviews?  You can see a graph of user ratings, a graph of critic’s ratings, an MRQE rating.  You can sort the ratings, see the trailer…even find a place to Watchit! (as they say it).  If the movie is still in the theatres, that means tickets.  But if not, it means DVDs…even streaming.

That last part is important, because it shows that they do older movies…yes, even much older movies.  I love that part!  You want to see reviews of the 1939 Wizard of Oz?  You can see them…even the original review from Variety!  There are close to 80,000 titles, getting towards 800,000 articles.

That’s just the beginning!  There are Box Office Results, Coming Soon, On DVD, What’s on TV, Year in Review, Film Festivals…they have lists like 20 Best Time Travel Movies (to honor Hot Tub Time Machine).  Number 1?  Back to the Future.

There are even news links from Variety and from the Wrap.

Bottom line…this is a movie lover’s dream.  From classic to current, MRQE has it all. 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.

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