Revised American Idol predictions

Revised American Idol predictions

Well, I missed the first week’s prediction. 

I said I wasn’t confident…hey, I got that part right!  😉

Of course the group got it wrong, too…we were 100 percent sure Tim Urban was going home.  It seems to have been a surprise to a lot of people: they are calling him “Teflon Tim”.

As you know by now (SPOILER ALERT): Didi Benami went home.

So, here are my revised predictions, and I’ll give you a chance to vote again.

Week 4: it’s Lennon/McCartney week.  That’s such a wide range of songs, everybody ought to be able to find something to sing.  The songs don’t need to be that complicated vocally, but if you don’t connect emotionally, people won’t like it.  I still think Tim Urban is in trouble.  Whatever saved him before might do it again, but I’m still putting him in the bottom three.  I’m comfortable with Crystal, Lee, and Big Mike doing well.  I’m going to go with…Katie and…Andrew in the bottom three with Tim.  I think Aaron faces a challenge with this, although the Beatles may tie well into Aaron’s youth.  Siobhan seemed a bit shook by the judge’s comments.  I’m going to still go with Tim, but I might regret that.

Week 4: Siobhan, Casey, and Katie are in the bottom three.  Casey goes home.

Week 5: Casey’s fans go partly to Lee.  Katie’s fans are mad at Siobhan.  Siobhan, Aaron, and Andrew are in the bottom three.  Siobhan goes home.

Week 6: People are shocked when Big Mike is in the bottom three with Katie and Andrew.  Andrew goes home.

Week 7: Aaron, Katie and Lee are in the bottom three.   Katie goes home.

Week 8: Aaron, Lee, and Big Mike are in the bottom three.  Aaron goes home.

We’re now down to Lee, Crystal, and Big Mike.  I’m sticking with my previous prediction. 

Lee, Crystal, and Big Mike give us a good mix for the duets.  They are all commercial, all have different sounding voices (and audiences).  Lee has finally been really connecting with the audience, after a particularly emotional performance that has a deep personal meaning for him (related to something with his family, most likely).  Crystal has been remaining true to herself, but has broadened her range a bit.  Big Mike continues to switch up the genres.

The rest (I’m not sure how they’ll do the last few competitions): I’m torn between people being blown away with Crystal going home at number three, or Lee going home.  Lee and Big Mike would make a very interesting finale, and Lee has more mainstream appeal than Crystal, I think.  I”m going to reluctantly say Crystal goes home.  Then, it is Big Mike and Lee.  Lee is clearly seen as the underdog in this match-up.  Lee has a great performance in the last competition, but it is Big Mike who wins.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.  🙂

What do you think about this week?  The more people who vote, the more accurate we may be…

Remember, you are predicting who will be voted off, not choosing your favorite.

This post originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.


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