Mike Barnicle condemns bullying on Morning Joe…after threatening a nerd

Mike Barnicle condemns bullying on Morning Joe…after threatening a nerd

I have to say, I found this one a bit ironic.

Mike Barnicle often appears on Morning Joe on MSNBC, which is a show I do watch regularly.

This morning, they were talking about the tragic suicide of a high school student after she had been bullied.

Mr. Barnicle made a comment about how bad that was…that’s laudable.

Not too long ago, though, he had said he was going to send his kids, the “Barnicle Boys”, to beat up (I don’t remember if that’s the precise term he used) a high schooler who had started a No Cussing club.  I’m leaving off the student’s name here on purpose.

This all revolved around Vice President Joe Biden using the “F” word on TV recently.

Now, I’m sure he didn’t really intend bodily harm, but I can tell you, I would have been scared if I was a 17-year old and had somebody say that about me on TV. 

That’s one of the problems with verbal bullying like that…he looked quite serious, even though I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

That’s often the case.  It can just seem to be okay for everybody to pick on someone.  The person making a threat or a joke may not think of it as serious at all, but combined, it can be quite scary. 

I’m using the term “nerd” ironically here, by the way…I don’t know Mr. Hatch.  That was certainly the spin I saw on some of the news coverage, though.

If Mr. Barnicle has apologized for his earlier remarks, I missed it…which could certainly have happened.

I’m sure he just didn’t think about the appearance of an adult threatening a child because of the beliefs that child had stated.

I just wanted to share…that struck me this morning.  Besides, I’ve done a different post on a FoxNews issue today: this spreads it around a bit.  🙂

 This post originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.


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