A Wicked trip to the mall

A Wicked trip to the mall

“The story you are about to read is true.  The names have been changed to protect the ignorant.”

So, my Significant Other and I were shopping at the mall.  Well, my SO was about to go to a store where I wasn’t going to go.  I have allergies, and just can’t hang out near the cosmetics counter.

The mall was celebrating the Broadway show, Wicked.  They had this huge display down in the waiting area.  You could go into a specially-built area, and see original costumes from the show (with big Don’t Touch signs), and watch videos about it.

I was watching the videos, and one of the people working there engaged me in a bit of conversation.  I explained that I was a big Oz fan…I have the original forty novels, for example.

The employee liked the show…although, like me, hadn’t seen it yet.

Here was the kicker.  The person asked me, “Which came first…the Wizard of Oz or Wicked?”


I’m pretty sure it was a serious question.  Now, I know young people sometimes like to pretend ignorance, just to mess with your mind a bit.  I don’t think that was it, though…I think this person really didn’t know.

I’m a professional educator (and former actor), so I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face.

I calmly explained that The Wizard of Oz predated Wicked…by about ninety years.  I was talking about the novels, although I checked later, and it’s really ninety-five years.

Still…sigh.  If you don’t have the context of how it is different from the original, how does that affect your enjoyment of the show, I wonder?

It’s sort of like the old joke, when the teenager says, “Oh, was Paul McCartney in a band before Wings?”

That one obviously goes back quite some time…decades, even.

Anyway, just had to share.  🙂

 This post originally appeared in The Measured Circle blog.


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