The week ahead: March 22-28 2010

The week ahead: March 22-28 2010

For more information on upcoming (and historical) movies, TV shows, books, conventions, paranormal happenings, and pretty much anything that interests me, see the ever-growing Measured Circle Pop Culture Timeline. 

Monday, March 22

On TV, you get new episodes of Chuck, 24, The Big Bang Theory, and a couple of new to Syfy eps of Naoki Urasawa’s monster anime.

Tuesday, March 23

On TV, we get a new episode of Lost, as the countdown to the end continues. 

Tuesday is the big book release day of the week.  This week, you can get: Dawn of the Dreadfuls (Kindle edition), the follow-up to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (although not by the author of the first book) and Dark’s Tale…the protagonist of this Young Adult title is a cat abandoned in Golden Gate Park (in San Francisco).

Tuesday is also a big videogame release day…hmmm…do they think it isn’t the same audience, or do they figure that as long as you are in the store, you’ll buy both?  There’s a videogame of the Zhu Zhu Pets being released for the DS.  It does come with a (non-motorized) Zhu Zhu.  If you don’t know what a Zhu Zhu pet is, you probably didn’t have a young kid who needed a gift at the holidays…it’s a motorized hamster, basically.  Also for the DS is Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.  While a sci fi game, you’ll negotiate with demons…and they may or may not fight on your side, depending on how good you are. 

DVD releases include: The Men Who Stare at Goats.  Well, you probably didn’t see it in the theatre, right?  🙂  Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove stars Bindi Irwin (Steve’s daughter, and a television star in her own right).  I’m guessing they wished a certain recent news story hadn’t happened…for many reasons.  The recent The Prisoner miniseries, with Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellan is out.  I wonder if Rover will put it back in?  😉

Wednesday, March 24

On TV, you get a new episode of Human Target.  For the paranormal crowd, we have new episodes of Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth.  One segment of the latter?  Israeli mermaid… There is also a new episode of MonsterQuest called American Wolfman.  It supposedly includes “new footage”.  Since the description says the episode goes to the Midwest, I assume this will talk about the Beast of Bray Road and not the West Coast’s Wolfman Jack.  😉

Thursday, March 25

Flashforward has a new episode…does the show have the momentum it did before the hiatus? 

Even if you happen to be in England, membership for the World Horror Convention is sold out…they say they don’t even have press passes left.  Guests include authors Tanith Lee and James Herbert, and Hammer star Ingrid Pitt.  This is the first time it has been held outside North America, and that clearly worked out well. 

Friday, March 26

Fridays often have new movies, and this week we have Hot Tub Time Machine and How to Train Your Dragon.  I’m thinking you have a pretty good idea what the audiences are for these two movies, if you’ve seen the trailers.  🙂

Saturday, March 27

Dark Relic is a new TV movie on the Syfy Channel.  It takes place in 1099 AD…that’s 1066 upside down (sorta)!  I wonder if that means anything…probably not.  😉

Sunday, March 28

A new episode of Life sounds hairy…it features mammals. 

Now, don’t say there’s nothing to do…  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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