Flash! John Grisham books now available on Kindle!

John Grisham books now available on Kindle!

Special note: I meant to post this in my other blog, I Love My Kindle.  My apologies for the double-posting to those of you who subscribe to both blogs: it’s the same in both.

There are a few books that are the “Missing E’s”.  Those are the ones that we get asked about over and over again: “Where is Harry Potter?”  “Where is To Kill a Mockingbird?”  “Where is John Grisham?”

On the last one, we’ve been hearing for quite some time (more than a year) that Grisham had made a deal to make his popular books available in e-book form.   When I searched for John Grisham in the Amazon Kindle community this morning, there were 325 results.

This morning, Amazon is highlighting that several books are available.

This despite Grisham recently being very negative on e-books on his book tour for his latest collection. 

This is my transcription of a short excerpt from Grisham’s appearance on Morning Joe on November 4, 2009:


Lawrence O’Donnell: “What is happening in the book business? Books are now commodities. You have Wal-Mart trying to drop the price under Barnes and Noble–“

Mika: “CostCo, Target…”

Joe?: “Kindle.”

O’Donnell?: “Now it can be transmitted electronically…where is this business going?”

Grisham: “Well, nobody knows, and that’s all we’ve talked about for the last two days: it’s all publishers are talking about today. It was chaotic enough until before last week when Wal-Mart.com, Amazon, and Target.com all said ‘We’re going to sell this twenty-four dollar book for nine dollars.’ And they did, to a point. They did for pre-orders. The book was published yesterday and they went back to eleven, twelve dollars. Their losing money at nine, their losing money at eleven. It’s a twenty-four dollar product, okay? At twenty-four dollars, if we sell enough, the publisher’s going to make money…not a whole lot, the bookstore’s going to make money, I’m going to make some money, and everybody along the line (the food chain)’s going to make a littlle bit of money. Obviously, the more you sell, the more you make. That’s twenty-four dollars: at nine dollars, it doesn’t affect me, it doesn’t affect the publisher. It kills the retailer. So, Amazon, I’m guessing is buying the book on-line for ten, eleven bucks and selling it for nine.”

Mike Barnicle: “At nine dollars, also, all those people get killed, but also, somewhere out there, down in Oxford, Mississippi, there’s a young William Faulkner at twenty-two with a great novel who is not going to get it printed, who is not going to get any money for it.”

Grisham: “There’s no way. Publishing is like all forms of popular culture. You’ve got to have the new talent. You’ve got to have the new writers every year and where were going, if a book is going to be de-valued to nine dollars, then we’re going to wipe out bookstores, publishers…I’m probably going to be okay. The established guys–“

Joe: “Probably?”

Grisham: “I’ll survive. I’ll come back and be on your show. But the aspiring writer doesn’t have a chance.”

This position assumed, of course, that the only way to really be published is by a traditional publisher.  Aspiring writers have other options, with higher royalties and possibly lower sales.

So, the Grisham books being in the store…that’s big news.  I’m not linking to them, because the ones I’ve checked (and I would presume, all of them) are being released with the text-to-speech access blocked.

I’m expecting we’ll see a press release…not there yet.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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