Your body wants to be fat

Your body wants to be fat

Here’s the question: why is it that, after you lose the weight and get down to that BMI you want, you put it back on again?

My feeling is that your body instinctually wants to be fat.

I’m not saying you should be fat, but it makes sense to me that, given an opportunity, your body will lay on some storage.

The way I figure it is that you wouldn’t naturally have an endless supply of food.  Sometimes, there would be more than you need…other times, less than you need.  Fat lets you store some calories you can use when food isn’t available.

The conversion of food to fat is actually a fairly complicated mechanism, and if there wasn’t a real value in it, your extra calories would just pass through your body.

Yes, fat does provide some insulation, and probably has some other value, but I think the main reason is like a bank account for calories.

Let’s say you walk into a room, and there is a bowl full of quarters.  You can buy an apple with the quarter…but it’s one to a customer.  Would you take more than one quarter (assuming there are plenty to go around for everybody)?  Sure, why not?  You assume (not unreasonably) that there may not be a bowl of quarters tomorrow, and you might want an apple.

Your body doesn’t expect there to be a grocery store with an endless supply of food every day.  So, it’s storing up, just in case.

In the same way that your body wants to save fat, it doesn’t want to spend calories.  I think that’s why you need to change the type of exercise you are doing regularly, to make it the most effective.  I think your body tries to figure out a way to use that stairstepper and expend the least amount of calories possible.  As you repeatedly do the exercise, you begin to expend fewer calories, since your body figures out how to lean, or where to place your hands, so that you aren’t burning as many of those valuable calories.

I presented this to somebody who then asked why you feel so much better when you aren’t fat.  I do think you feel better when you exercise regularly…but I’m not sure that equates to a lack of desire to build fat.  Well, that’s an interesting point.  Being excessively overweight, does, I think, reduce lifespan.  But living to be 90 wasn’t exactly the most likely outcome in the wild.  Wear and tear on your joints just doesn’t matter as much if you are only going to live until you are 35.

That’s just a hypothesis, though…I’m not backing it up with any science or anything. 😉  Clearly, many people can override this desire (if it exists). 

What do you think?  Make any sense?  Feel free to let me know…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog


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