My take on Addictomatic

My take on Addictomatic

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There’s a reason why the people who made Google are, like gazillionaires.  The web is great…but it’s just so hard to find stuff!  Oh, wait a minute…that would make the people at Yahoo gazillionaires too, right?  Oh, and Google does have that mapping thing…ooh, and translation!  Scratch all that.  😉

Here’s the thing…sometimes, you just want to get the info on something, right?  Maybe it’s a news story, and maybe it’s a friend, and maybe it’s that weird TV show you liked that nobody else even remembers.

Well, you know how there was that scene in The Man Who Fell to Earth when David Bowie is watching all the TVs at once on different channels, and we’re supposed to say, “Wow!  He must be an alien, because who can pay attention to different things at once?”

Dude!  We’re all like that now!  Think about it: we don’t have a movie theatre, we have a multiplex!  A burger is cheap unless it has two patties!  We don’t have a “best friend”, we have a posse!  It’s all about the multiplicity, man…

So why, when you want to search for something on the web, do you limit yourself to one set of results?


It’s not the only multi-search engine, of course, but it’s really cool!  You can search for a topic, and it shows you the results from a whole bunch of sources…all in little windows with clear, clickable links!  Did you know the Colchester zoo in the UK just welcomed a little baby aardvark?  Congratulations to the proud parents, Oq and Adela!   You can hover over the link, and get more info…or click on it and plunge right in.

This is important…it isn’t just websites, it’s blogs, Twitter, Flickr, Truveo…the whole cannoli!

After you get the results, you can bookmark, share it…you know, for all your fellow aardvark aficionados out there.

You can also browse.  I went to the Offbeat category, and got these great headlines:

New men’s undies made from bananas

Goat fans, cities butting heads

NJ cops use dead deer as bait in sting operation to catch a large feline that apparently drops ten-dollar bills

Devotees of Fla. man drank giant snail mucus in ritual

Now, don’t you want to know more?  No?  I’m like Number 5 in Short Circuit…need more input! 

Can’t come up with topics of your own?  They have popular searches…you know, waste time vicariously!

You can customize the search sources…but I think it’s more fun to, as they say, “Inhale the web.”

I recommend this one, but I warn you…it brings back the joy we had when we first discovering the Internet.  And that turned out okay, right?  Right?  I know you are in there, I can hear you typing!  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.  If you are reading this blog for free and would like to support it, just click here and then shop at Amazon.

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