“Robo-Jacques” lost off Chile

“Robo-Jacques” lost off Chile

They called him Abe.   He was a fearless explorer, going where no one had gone before.  He’d made 221 successful dives to the bottom of the ocean…mapping, taking pictures and samples…advancing science.

He wasn’t human…ABE was a robot.

The Autonomous Benthic Explorer was built at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Autonomous means that the robot operated on its own.  Oh, it would be told what to do first, but once it was down there, it was on its own. 

The device was only $1.1 million dollars…that’s less than $5000 a dive.

It’s believed that ABE may have cracked under the pressure…literally. 

We share our world with creatures of our own creation…and on Friday, we lost one of our most valuable.

news article

NOAA page

Note: I just made up the term “Robo-Jacques” in tribute to Jacques Cousteau…and Robocop.  🙂

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