Flash! New Flatwoods monster episode tonight

Flash!  New Flatwoods monster episode tonight

Sorry I missed this in my recent post on upcoming shows.

10:00 PM tonight, History Channel, there’s a new episode of MonsterQuest on what appears to be the Flatwoods monster in West Virginia…but they are calling it a lizard monster. 

The original case was portrayed at the time as a UFO case, and the entity had a weird “ace of spades” shaped head.

It’s repeated at 12:01 AM Thursday (just after midnight tonight)….so I think I’m getting this barely out in time for everybody in the US.  Just didn’t want you to miss it…you didn’t want to miss it, right?  😉 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.  If you are reading this blog for free and would like to support it, just click here and then shop at Amazon. 


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