Corey Haim reported dead at age 38

Corey Haim reported dead at age 38

You might know him as one of “The Two Coreys”, along with Corey Feldman.  This connection was established with The Lost Boys , one of the forces behind the modern teenage, angst-ridden vampire genre.  Corey Haim was Sam, the outsider: Feldman is one of the Frog brothers, geeks who educate Sam about bloodsuckers.   Kiefer Sutherland, by the way, plays a lead vampire.

Before that, he was on the Canadian show The Edison Twins…which I remember as well (although not specifically for Haim).

He and Feldman co-starred in a reality series, The Two Coreys.  Whether that was the specific impetus or not, , Haim’s career picked up after that (and after his sequel to The Lost Boys, released in 2008).  At the time of his reported death, he had more than a handful of movies awaiting release.  One of those is The Science of Cool, a comedy about nerds changing their lives. 

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