BOPMadness 2010 Results

BOPMadness 2010 Results

Well, I think we’ve had better years, but we did okay.  🙂

We got five out of six of The Big Six section.  As a group, the one that surprised us was Mo’Nique for Best Supporting Actress.  She was tied for second in our predictions, but we had given it to Vera Farmiga. 

On the “incredibly difficult Maven section”, we were right on:

Editing: The Hurt Locker

Art Direction: Avatar

Sound Mixing: The Hurt Locker

Sound Editing: The Hurt Locker

Visual Effects: Avatar

Foreign Film: we’ll take a half on this…we had the winner, The Secret in their Eyes tied with the White Ribbon


Original screenplay (we picked Inglourious Basterds: Hurt Locker won)

Adapted screenplay (we picked Up in the Air: Precious won)

Cinematography (we thought it would go to the Hurt Locker: Avatar got it)

Costume (we chose Coco Before Chanel: it went to The Young Victoria)

Makeup (we went with The Young Victoria (despite having Star Trek fans in the group…it was Star Trek that beamed down the Oscar)

Score (we got this really wrong…we only gave Up a 20% probability…we’d gone with veteran James Horner and Avatar)

Original song (we figured it would go to one of the Princess and the Frog songs…it went to The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart)

Animated Feature (we really underestimated Up at the Oscars…we picked it third in this category, going with the Fantastic Mr.  Fox)

Documentary Feature (we missed this one…The Cove won, we thought either Food, Inc., or The Most Dangerous Man in America)

Documentary Short (One of our two second choices won ((Music by Prudence))…we predicted The Last Truck

Animated Short: we went with the well-known Wallace and Gromit…Logorama was only our third choice

Live Action Short: we picked Abracadabra…the Oscar went to The New Tenants

So, my first year of putting these out publicly ahead of time may not give you much confidence in it for next year.  🙂  However, this was unusual for us…the more people I get, the better the prediction, typically.  If you want to play next year, let me know…I figure I’ll make the offer to play close to the time next year, just like I did this year.

I really appreciate everybody who did play!  I’ll send individual results to the players in the next few days. 

See you in the movies!

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