Round up #1: DWTS, PS3, and shorter days

Round up #1: DWTS, PS2, and shorter days

The days are getting shorter, literally…no wonder you can never get your work done 😉

The tragic earthquake in Chile may have actually knocked the Earth off its axis a bit…maybe 8 cm (about three inches).  This happens in big earthquakes…and it doesn’t heal itself.  The interesting thing here is that the day may be shorter, by a tiny amount.  Changing the Earth’s rotation (which is what happens with an axis change) could obviously change the length of the day.  You can read more about this here.   Idle speculation…could climate change affect the number of earthquakes, perhaps by changing the moisture in the Earth?  I have no idea, I said it was just idle.  😉

Leaping glitches!

Sony’s popular Playstation 3 had a problem yesterday.  Apparently, some of the systems thought 2010 was a leap year, which messed it up somehow.  Apparently, it’s resolved now…and 1.26 microseconds faster, thanks to the earthquake (just kidding).  CNET article 

What do Buzz Aldrin and Pamela Anderson have in common?

So many puns, but too much good taste to use them.  I’m not a big Dancing with the Stars fan, although I’ve watched it.   We like So You Think You Can Dance better…it’s better dancing, and it’s nice to see folks trying to come from nowhere (same is true of ABDC, Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew).  However, it’s also fun for me to see people out of their normal element.  I liked Battle of the Network Stars, even though I’m not that much of a sportswatcher. 

The latest line-up was just announced, though, once again redefining the word “star”…sort of like when Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet.  Some of the names are certainly well-known, but I wonder how many people could identify all eleven.  By the way, announcing eleven seems a bit odd…wouldn’t it normally be ten?

I hope most people know that Buzz Aldrin was one of the first people on the moon.  I think most people know who Pamela Anderson is (an actor best-known for Baywatch).  I’ll give you Shannon Doherty.  While I don’t know how many know her last name, Kate (late of Jon and Kate plus Eight) Gosselin has gotten a lot of publicity.  With eight kids, she’s presumably light on her feet…otherwise, you’d step on an awful lot of Legos.  🙂

Here’s the challenge, though…match up the rest with their descriptions:

A. Jake Pavelka

B. Nicole Sherzinger

C. Niecy Nash

D. Aiden Turner

E. Chad Ochocinco

F. Erin Andrews

G. Evan Lysacek

1. Lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls

2. Gold medal figure skater

3. The Bachelor who was an airline pilot

4. ESPN reporter

5. Reno 911! actor

6. Wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals

7. All My Children actor

So, how many did you know?  How many did you guess?  Would you define a star as somebody that you can sort of figure out who they are based on their names?  Can you have fifteen minutes of fame if nobody notices?  😉  Nothing against any of these folks…it just says something about our fragmented culture.

Answers: A3; B1; C5; D7; E6; F4; G2

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