Answers to the TV theme song trivia

 Answers to the TV theme song trivia

Yesterday, I posted some tv theme song trivia questions.  These are the answers today.  🙂

I’m typically linking to the DVD set for the series, as well as a link to a YouTube video of the theme song.  If you are reading this on a Kindle, be aware that the videos won’t be displayed on the current versions of that device.

1. What can you see are all the same?

A1: People (Cheers theme song)

2. What makes her lose control?

A2: A hot dog (The Patty Duke Show theme song)

3. What does the nut do in pajamas?

A3: Walk around (Captain Nice theme song)

4. What will you hear if you sit right back?

A4: A tale (Gilligan’s Island theme song) Special note: this is the first season version of the theme song.  The story goes that star Bob Denver asked the producers to change the theme song, to make sure that everybody got listed…nice guy!

5. What is it like you are stuck in?

A5: Second gear (Friends theme song) Note: this is a long form of the song

6. What isn’t the French Riviera?

A6: Life. (It’s a Living theme song)

7. Where is he wild as the wind in?

A7: Oregon (Maverick  theme song)

8. What do Lori and Judy get to do anywhere…and to whom?

A8: Face criminals (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl theme song)

9. What should you do on the deck?

A9: Drop…and flop like a fish (but only if nautical nonsense be something you wish) (SpongeBob SquarePants  theme song)

10. What is he doing like he’s never coming back?

A10: Jammin’ down the pedal (Speed Racer theme song)

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