What does the nut do in pajamas?

What does the nut do in pajamas?

Okay, I listen to TV theme songs.  No, not just when the show starts…I put together a CD of theme songs (all legally, of course), and it runs about ten and a half hours.  I’ve listened to that a lot in the car, and I use it during breaks when I teach classes.  People tend to like that, by the way…I even get requests.  🙂

It’s funny which ones people know.  Everybody seems to know The A-Team.  A surprising number of people know Quantum Leap.  Why is that suprising?  Well, neither of those have lyrics…that presumably makes it harder.

Sure, we may get exposed to theme songs on a weekly basis (some, like Thundercats, five times a week…yes, a lot of my students know that one, too).  But sometimes, that was twenty, thirty, fifty years ago.  Still, that music can stick with you.

What about the words, though?  What if we take those out of context?  Will you still know them?

I’m going to predict right now that you won’t know all of these.  They’ll all be national shows…you could have seen them (and heard them).  You might surprise me, though.  🙂  Researching on the web is…well, not cheating, but not the same as remembering it.  Answers tomorrow.

1. What can you see are all the same?

2. What makes her lose control?

3. What does the nut do in pajamas?

4. What will you hear if you sit right back?

5. What is it like you are stuck in?

6. What isn’t the French Riviera?

7. Where is he wild as the wind in?

8. What do Lori and Judy get to do anywhere…and to whom?

9. What should you do on the deck?

10. What is he doing like he’s never coming back?

Answers tomorrow! 

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