On the watch for the sasquatch watch

On the watch for the sasquatch watch

Do you believe in Bigfoot memorabilia?  It’s out there…we have an uptick right now thanks to the Olympic mascot, Quatchi.   There is also that Bigfoot garden statue.

For something a bit different in “haute creature”, there is the Sasquatch watch.  The case looks like…well, a big foot, and the face is a drawing very reminiscent of the Patterson-Gimlin movie.  That’s the one you see in all the documentaries, with the Bigfoot swinging its arms and looking over its shoulder at the camera as it walks away.

You can choose your color…even get a pink watch, if you want.

I saw this add on a visit to Cryptomundo, a great site where Loren Coleman blogs.

I don’t wear wristwatches myself, but it’s an interesting item.  Presumably, they’ve obtained the necessary licensing.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.  If you are reading this blog for free and would like to support it, just click here and then shop at Amazon.


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