Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness 2010

Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness 2010

I’ve been doing an Oscar prediction contest for more than twenty years, and I have to say, I think we’ve worked out a pretty good way over the years.

So, this time, I’m doing something different.  🙂

No, not really.  This post isn’t the actual contest.   While I can (and will) do polls in this post, I can’t track who said what.   I also can’t do it the way we usually do.

I’m still going to do it the tried and true way for anybody who wants to participate.  If you are interested, comment this post and I’ll send you the details (and the spreadsheet). 

Important note: there is no fee to play the real game, and we only play for that most valuable of human possessions…bragging rights. 

I do plan to put out the predictions before the actual event.  We tend to be pretty accurate: last year, we called all of The Big Six categories, and ten out of 18 of the Maven. 

For the blog version, just vote for the candidate you think the Academy is most likely to pick.  That doesn’t mean you think it is most deserving…just that you think it is most likely to win.

I’m also only going to do The Big Six here: the acting awards, Best Picture, and Best Director.

If you want to predict what we call the incredibly difficult Maven Section, you can do that if you choose to play the regular game.

It’s either that, or the longest blogpost in history.  😉  No, probably not the longest, but I don’t think WordPress would be very happy with me. 😉

To see all the nominees, you can go to

Official Site nominees 

See you in the movies!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.  If you are reading this blog for free and would like to support it, just click here and then shop at Amazon.


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